Intentions for the Week:

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:Happy Monday, friends. Are we ready to get into this week? I was in Carmel over the weekend for a mostly girls weekend for my friend’s birthday. It was FUN and relaxing. So much talking and laughing…my abs are aching.  When I got home from my trip, I spent 3 hours cleaning up/straightening the house and getting my head ready for the upcoming week. IT FEEL GREAT!  If there’s anything you can do to get ahead of the week, DO IT.

This Week’s Intentions:

  • write/post about cheeseboard
  • make kombucha
  • make a meal plan
  • work on book(s)/zines
  • photograph products Etsy shop
  • tackle Inbox/DELETE like a mad woman
  • finish tax stuff
  • make waffles
  • do meal prep
  • finish skillshare course on making zines
  • listen to this podcast for the first time
  • yoga x2 / walk
  • delete photos on phone
  • work on art with Cooper
  • spend less (wasted) time on the internet/social media
  • go for a night time walk with family
  • eat outside
  • make plans for a BBQ
  • research a good watering can
  • mindful eating- track with MyFitnessPal?
  • keep the house clean/go slow
  • do nighttime reading
  • dye my hair
  • work on
  • drink water
  • write letters (definitely getting behind on this)


Last Week’s Intentions:

  • book Dentist appointment    (YAY I DID IT!!!)
  • pizza cookie recipe/draft cheese board post
  • make a meal plan
  • clean out fridge/ research new shelves for fridge (didn’t have time)
  • straighten up workspace
  • get guest room ready for guests
  • catch up on social media
  • prep for work appointments
  • wash yoga mat + towel 
  • finish some tax stuff (need to block out a night to do this)
  • update media kit
  • make a recipe with blueberries I need to use up (ate them raw)
  • download new fonts for inspiration
  • work on letter writing (SO BEHIND!) working on it this week
  • play around with my new label maker
  • take photos for etsy shop (started on it)
  • do some meal prep
  • continue working on book stuff
  • wear my Fitbit  this week to be aware of my movement
  • track as many days of food as I can on MyFitnessPal (did 3 days in a row)
  • chill on the peanut butter
  • convince Cooper to get haircut (I did a little trim job myself-needs help)

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What about you?


Share your intentions in the comments & let’s help you get your head in the game for the week.

  • Allison

    Morning Tracy!
    I love these posts. They keep me motivated to make weekly intentions too.
    As for a watering can, i like the Beherns steel ones from Amazon. They come in different sizes and the sprinkle head is removable. Plus, they look really cool as they age.

  • Abby

    Great list! This week I intend to:

    – Start training our new puppy!
    – Meal prep
    – Wash bed sheets
    – Throw away at least one bag of junk from the basement
    – Take a long walk to exhaust puppy every night after dinner
    – Not buy ANY snacks at work

  • Christa

    Continue to love these, Tracy!

    This week:

    – wash/change sheets
    – dust (how does everything get so dusty when the windows are closed with the AC on?!)
    – work on wedding invitations
    – buy rehearsal dinner invitations
    – generally eat less
    – stretch
    – call electric company
    – go slower

    Have a good week!

  • janine

    why is reading other people’s to-do lists so fun + motivating? mine this week:

    + stick to half marathon training schedule (3 runs this week)
    + buy a wedding shower gift for my cousin’s fiancee
    + make a specialist dentist appt
    + bring healthy lunch + coffee to work instead of buying

  • Lucy

    I’m finally doing this. I’ve been admiring your Intentions posts for a while now, and I just created a Google Doc for myself to start tracking a few things. I just spoke to a life coach through my doctor’s office and she helped me set goals for the week, so I’m going to try keeping a running list. Thanks Tracy for the inspiration! <3

  • Julie

    Loving this!

    -set up Student Loan Advisor…sigh
    -roll over 401k to new job
    -yoga once
    -deep clean kitchen
    -make dinner 2x
    -read a book

  • Scarlett

    On the table for me this/next week:

    -try not to spend a ton of money on new clothes for our honeymoon next month….
    -walk most nights (and/or run in mornings before work?)
    -be patient with the new puppy
    -slow down in all things
    -eat mindfully, watch portions
    -yoga 1-2x
    -eat more vegetables
    -go to dr’s appointment next week

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