April 10, 2020



  1. The best quarantine jokes this week…
  2. Cats looking like they own the place. 
  3. Parents are not ok.
  4. Larry David is a master of his quarantine.
  5. According to this quiz, I am a witch.
  6. I was wondering what happens to zookeepers during quarantine.
  7. How kitchens have changed over the past 5 centuries.
  8. How to make your own face mask.  
  9. You could also make masks with some of this stuff.
  10. Why losing a job deserves its own grieving process.
  11. This gerbil art museum is a productive way to pass time during self-isolation.
  12. I am going to do this with Cooper.
  13. Hooray for pandas mating! 
  14. 1950s cocktail dresses 
  15. Tasty looking puzzles.
  16. Such a cool building for kids!
  17. Romance in the 1950s
  18. How to transition between work time and personal time.
  19. 365 free movies to stream on youtube
  20. A whole list of trashy movies that are actually entertaining.
  21. Weekend reading: The Upside of Being Down  & Josey Baker Bread
  22. Wanna learn something new? Here’s 2 months free of Skillshare for you!

Are you doing any baking this Easter weekend? May I recommend…

Simple Drop Biscuits

Ricotta Pancakes with Roasted Strawberries

Sausage Bread

Grapefruit Yogurt Cake 

A blueberry muffin doughnut hybrid. Look at that crumb topping! Check out the recipe at Shutterbean.com !


  • Jamie

    I’m a fairy according the the quiz, and that’s pretty spot on. Also, found a tub of sausage gravy in our garage freezer, from 2016, and it was still okay! Went beautifully with your drop biscuits. = )

  • Stacey

    We are feeding the birds and enjoying the sun coming back. It’s been a cool rainy March and early April on the Central Coast. Be well.

  • Caitlyn

    If you like the gerbil at the museum you should check out American Hedgehog Warrior because the narration is just on point! I have a hamster at home and debated crafting something for her but I just know she wouldn’t participate so why bother. She’s cute though.

    I could not do those puzzles,they would make me too hungry! And I’ve already essentially been not stop eating this quarantine.

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