My Everyday Life Week 31

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 31

Finding light in random places at home.

Morning meditation. Give yourself a high five for making it this far!

This session inspired this post- My Current Favorite Art Supplies.

I’m working on some bean recipes…thinking about my grandma.

Farmer’s Market leftovers.

What connects you to the earth?

Lemon Chicken Night!

I put homemade croutons in the sauce to soak it up!

Using the ice cream container to make a sundae.

Where were you on the night of the 21st?

Snuggle huggle.

Sending out a magic package to one of my favorite pen pals.

Where do you find it?

Afternoon rainbows.

Zinnia update.

Zen garden thriving.

I am in love.

An Instagram stories filter made my art even better.

Waiting in line. Looking up.

Buck watch.

Making home feel like summer camp.

Taco Tuesdays make life easier.


I leave so many coffee cups outside when I’m watering the yard.

I grew this cucumber!

Inside vs. outside

Notes to self.

Three crows in the parking lot watching me eat Chick-Fil-A in an empty parking lot with my son.

Cat under the bed.

Ella is Casey’s favorite.

Neighborly duties/neighborly goodies.

I love coral and orangey roses.

The front is finally filling in and I am thrilled!

Walter in the Bay.

Hanging with Neiley and our boys on the water.

It’s the best reset.

Friday I started my solo drive down to LA to see my brother.

Car broke down 45 minutes into drive. Got towed in front of this church.

A place of new beginnings…

The Loaner car is named Princess Leah. I drove down to LA in 5 hours and didn’t stop once!


Upon arrival. WOW!

Waking up in a new bed gave me life.

Same with palm trees.

And this croissant at Tartine…

And a grain bowl… I forgot how much food can inspire me.

Protection. I love wearing my Mom’s hat. 


A trip to the market.

Santa Monica.

My brother & sister-in-law have a pool. 

It reminds me of my 2os being in Napa with Casey’s family.


A change will do you good.


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