Cilantro Hummus

Cilantro Hummus // shutterbean

As a food blogger, I try really hard to balance what I eat. Some days are better than others. Sometimes my temptations get a hold of me and I fall prey to a big old fashioned doughnut. It’s totally normal; it’s what I refer to as LIVING!  What I’ve learned about health and balancing my diet is that one must arm oneself with good choices or else you’ll be more likely to grab a bag of pretzels over vegetables & fruit. All it takes is a little time upfront and you’re on your way.

Well…that and…WILLPOWER.

Cilantro Hummus // shutterbean

If you’ve followed my meal prep post or you’ve seen some of my weekly meal prep posts on Instagram, you’ll know that I almost always have fresh cut vegetables in my fridge. It works out well for us because we have a five year old who loves to eat red peppers (sometimes carrots!) and cucumbers for his “appetizer.”  It also makes it easier for me to make good choices throughout the day.

Cilantro Hummus // shutterbean

But what do you do if you’re sick of eating vegetables plain? MAKE HUMMUS!  I’ve owned a Vitamix for a few years now and it’s become of my most used kitchen appliances (besides our panini press). Cooper has 4-5 smoothies (packed with kale & spinach!) a week and I use it to make a weekly batch of vanilla almond milk or fresh homemade pesto. I’ve added hummus to our weekly rotation because my Vitamix blends it up like a dream! Hummus is fine on its own, but why don’t we take it up a notch and add cilantro oil to the top? You’re probably wondering- Why not mix the cilantro IN with the hummus? Because a certain five-year old that I live with doesn’t like it…. But he WILL eat the hummus without it and that’s good enough for me. More cilantro oil for me!!

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And we’re off! We’re gonna make our cilantro oil first. It’s like a liquid-y pesto. It’s a flavor enhancer!

Cilantro Hummus // shutterbean

Now we add the cilantro, oil, salt with a small squeeze of lemon into the blender. We’re using grapeseed oil because it doesn’t have a strong taste.Vegetable oil will do as well.

Cilantro Hummus // shutterbean

And we blend!

Cilantro Hummus // shutterbean


Cilantro Hummus // shutterbean

And now we begin our hummus!

Cilantro Hummus // shutterbean

Everything (except the cilantro oil!) goes right into the Vitamix. WE BLEND.

Cilantro Hummus // shutterbean


Cilantro Hummus // shutterbean

Now we get our snack on! Little individual dips with cilantro oil on top.

Cilantro Hummus // shutterbean

We are armed with goodness. Don’t you come near me with that doughnut.

And now to the fun part…I AM GIVING AWAY A VITAMIX 5200 SERIES BLENDER (in Black! a $449 value!) to one of my readers.

If you’d like a chance to win your very own Vitamix Blender, please leave a comment below telling me:

What’s your favorite dip?

One entry per person, please. US Residents only.

 A winner will be picked at random on Tuesday April 29th 2014.

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Shutterbean + Vitamix

Cilantro Hummus

makes about 3 cups

to make the cilantro oil:

  • 1/2 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1/2 cup grapeseed oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • squeeze of lemon

Place ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.

to make the hummus:

  • 1 (15 oz. can) garbanzo beans, drained & rinsed
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1  1/2 tablespoons tahini
  • 1 clove garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste

Place the garbanzo beans, paprika, cumin, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini and garlic into a blender and process on high until hummus is smooth and creamy. Season with salt & pepper to taste. If hummus is too thick, add about a tablespoon or two of water while processing to thin it out. Serve hummus with cilantro drizzled on top.

  • Sarah

    Favorite dip: spicy hummus! Garbanzo or great Northern beans, cilantro, jalapeno (with seeds), cumin, lime juice and salt.

  • Libby Stone

    My favorite dip is guacamole, but I also love hummus and am looking forward to topping it with cilantro oil next time!

  • Christina C

    Wowza what a awesome giveaway! Favorite dip hands down is guacamole!

  • Abby


  • Angie

    Bean dip!

  • Kathy H.

    Garlic hummus! But I need to try this cilantro oil!!!

  • Amy

    I can’t resist a good French onion dip!

  • Sarah B

    My favorite dip is the always amazing 7 layer dip!!

  • laura

    7 layer Mexican dip!

  • Kate


  • Steph

    Salsa, especially one that I know would be great to make in that Vitamix! 😉

  • krystal

    Uh, queso!

    But I’m a fan of hummus (salsa is a second but then I just eat a bag of chips) when it isn’t appropriate to dip ALL. THE. THINGS. in melted cheese.

  • anne

    how generous! i’ve wanted a vitamix for some time. thank you for the giveaway.

    my favorite dip is a cheesy baked artichoke concoction. Not healthy, like your hummus, but so good.

  • Neena

    My favorite dip is guacamole, preferably made up fresh with extra line juice!

  • mandy

    i love an old school green goddess dressing/dip, it’s good made with greek yogurt or buttermilk. so yummy.

  • Kim

    I absolutely love babaganoush!

  • Jessica

    I’ve always been partial to bleu cheese dressings used as dips…and not just for veggies, it’s fantastic with apples and pears!

  • Mia

    Love this idea for making my own hummus! My favorite dip at the moment has to be Tzatziki!

  • Tori

    what?! this is awesome! I’ve just started making my own hummus (2 delicious batches) and I’m a little bit in love. BUT with the weather warming up guacamole will probably be taking its place. (I have yet to try your guacamole hummus, but it will happen)

  • Crystal

    Cucumber yogurt dip with extra lemon, please!

  • maureen

    I’m a hummus girl myself! It’s my favorite. Will have to try your addition!

  • Emily S.

    Oooh, awesome! Well, I’m from Texas, so my favorite dip is definitely queso. Queso and tortilla chips forever. Thanks, Tracy!

  • Cindy M

    Mmmmm guacamole 🙂 And this looks delicious, thanks Tracy!

  • Liz

    I love 101 Cookbooks’ white bean dip with rosemary, I could eat it every day!!

  • Ali Fahoury

    My favorite dip is the sweet potato hummus from The kick of the cayenne and sweetness of the potato are an addicting combination

  • Katie

    Does queso fundido count as a dip? If not, I love guac!

  • lindsay

    WHAT AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY! i love 7 layer dip and your average hummus, but we are definitely coming up on guacamole season so i’m excited for that too 🙂

  • Ashley

    I LOVE guacamole, but roasted garlic hummus is a close second!

  • Abby @ The Frosted Vegan

    I JUST discovered that I love guacamole, so it’s def that one!

  • Nancy

    I love hummus, but I have a definite weak spot for chips and french onion dip. Oh man. Especially if those chips are Ballreich.

  • Ashley

    I love, LOVE guacamole!

  • Lizzie DeKraai

    My favorite dip is guacamole – but like, back to basics guac. Avocado, lime, jalapeño, garlic, salt. MMMM.

  • Aaron J

    Korean Ssamjang is the greatest dip.

  • freya

    hummus. or guacamole…

  • Alison

    I’m pretty much addicted to a roasted red pepper dip I make. It’s great with veggies and pita chips and also fab on a sandwich with goat cheese and veggies.

  • Katie

    TJ’s Roasted Red Pepper dip (how about a shutterbean homemade version?)

  • Caitlin Cress

    GUAC, duh!!!!

  • Krista

    French Onion dip!

  • Katie

    So hard to choose! I love guacamole, but can’t say no to any dip really.

  • amanda

    Buffalo chicken dip or guacamole!

  • Jamie

    My absolute favorite is spinach dip – extra points if it’s spinach AND artichoke dip!

  • Chelsea

    So hard to pick a favorite dip, but I think I’d have to go with the masses and say guacamole!

  • Amy Wittenbach

    Favorite dip: sikil pak!

  • Hannah

    favorite dip is probably guacamole – but I grew up with and LOVE fresh hummus too!

  • Sarah

    Mmmmm, guacamole please!

  • Julie

    I love homemade almond butter and garluc hummus, but not together. 😉 Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Mattie

    I want to say guacamole, but does it count as a dip if you eat it with a spoon?

  • Lisa

    My favorite dip is classic spinach and artichoke!

  • Maddie

    Guacamole salsa! Half guac (or sometimes just a mushed up avocado) and half SUPER SPICY salsa verde. It’s like a creamier salsa or a thinner guac. It’s perfect. I also like to mix ghost chile salsa into my hummus. It’s amazing!

  • dana828

    It’s tough to pick between hummus and spinach-artichoke dip! Depends on the day…

  • Patti

    Guacamole is my fav!

  • stephanie

    a black bean and feta dip that is too good to be good for you!

  • Ashley S

    I’m such a fan of roasted red pepper hummus…and salsa. Cannot get enough of either of them’!

  • Laura

    Favorite dip has got to be my family’s bean dip recipe. It’s so simple but sooooo addictive.

    Second choice would be this blood orange bourbon bbq sauce I had to dip wing in at a friend’s party a while back. I could drink that stuff.

  • Carmen

    french onion dip- it is my weakness!

  • Melissa

    Plain, rich, homemade hummus.

  • Leycia T

    Homemade 7 layer bean dip

  • Jenny C

    It’s a toss up between Guac and Spinach-artichoke dip! Mmmm…

  • Tai Lescinski

    Freshly roasted homemade baba ganoush with warm pita!!!

  • Ashley

    My friend and I make a goat cheese dip with lemon and thyme and I just love it! It is my absolute favorite appetizer to have along with bread and olives.

  • Kelly

    Spicy Black Bean Hummus! Yum!!

  • katherine

    Does salsa count as a dip? Love anything spicy!

  • Kelly

    I make a hummus type dip but I use cannellini beans so its a white bean dip!! lots of garlic and its delish!

  • Rose

    I love hummus, onion dip and guacamole.

    Your blog is one of my faves – reset button salad is awesome!

  • dana

    when i am in israel, i love fresh tahini, mixed with freshly squeezed lemon and garlic, then diluted with water, and salt to taste. it is SO good on everything. this sauce can be mixed with roasted eggplant too, to make a really delicious babaganoush.

  • Harris M

    Favorite dip: Greek 7 layer dip

    In my favorite smoothie: berries, peanut butter, milk and yogurt.

  • Johanna Bishop

    I love black bean & lime hummus. I could eat it with a spoon!!

  • Kathleen

    Hummus is my favorite, heavy on the garlic!

  • meredith

    My favorite dip is definitely spinach-artichoke dip, although I will never turn down guac & salsa!

  • Amy

    Hummus is yummus!

  • Erin

    I lived in New Zealand for a year and discovered a pumpkin, cashew dip that was out of this world. Definitely a favorite and one I’d like to try to recreate.

  • Darcie

    Totally addicted to guacamole – it’s the probably the best ever!

  • Tanya B

    If I am feeling healthy, I would have to say hummus, but if I am feeling indulgent, I have to go with french onion. Of course that has to be accompanied by ruffles potato chips.

  • Rachel

    Hummus for sure! I live so close to a middle eastern market and they make the best hummus ever. No joke!

  • Jill M

    My favorite dip is a black bean chipotle hummus. So good!

  • Christina

    I’d have to say hummus, which means I need one of these babies to help make that cilantro oil to put on top. Can’t wait to try it!

  • lynda oh

    does tex-mex queso (with a halved avocado open face down in the bowl so with every dip, you get some avocado with each bite) count?

  • Jordan

    My favorite dip is a very cheesy baby portabella mushroom/spinach thing I have perfected over the years 🙂

  • Amy Masson

    My favorite dip is guacamole. I also make hummus. 🙂

  • Becka

    My favorite dip is spinach-artichoke!

  • Michelle

    My very favorite dip is warm spinach artichoke, but I love a good hummus too! And this one looks delicious 🙂

  • Gayle Murphy

    I’d love to win the Vitamix! The cilantro hummus (even the cilanto oil) sounds awesome. The oil would be great for guacamole hummus too.

  • Suzi

    I eat hummus A LOT, but my absolute favorite dip is my aunt’s southwest dip. It involves a brick of cream cheese, a bag of shredded cheddar, and lots of jalapenos. SO GOOD (but definitely not good for daily munching).

  • Jennifer O.

    Creamy avocado dip with greek yogurt and lime or raw cashew creamy! Yum!

  • Jennifer Allison

    favorite dip….HAS to be sour cream mixed with brown sugar…it was MEANT to live in total joy and harmony with big, fat, RIPE strawberries!

  • Heather R.

    I LOVE hummus and often have it with raw veggies too! Recently, my hubby made a green goddess dip and it was soo YUMMY.

  • Jennifer

    My very favorite dip is a goat cheese/sun dried tomato type dip that also makes a great sandwich spread!

  • Molly

    My favorite potato chip and french fry dip is a mixture of spicy mustard + horseradish sauce + dill seasoning. So delicious!

  • Josephine

    I have always wanted a vitamix! My favorite dip for anything is lemon tahini garlic sauce.

  • Shannon P

    I love guacamole! But I love basil pesto too.

  • Amy

    I like hummus (excited to try your cilantro twist on it), and a white bean dip that I make with garlic, olive oil, sea salt, and fresh rosemary. It’s great on veggies & crostini!

  • diana

    homemade hummus is so much better than store bought! my fav dip has got to be guacamole though – specifically if its from Chipotle 🙂

  • Kaitlin


  • Lauren

    I love a good hummus, but I have a special place in my heart for a (not so healthy) spinach artichoke dip.

  • Candice

    Garlic hummus… mmmmm…. I need to develop a potent garlic oil to add to my garlic hummus to make it supremely garlic, hmm…

  • Danielle

    I love most any hummus but the best dip I’ve ever had was a baked chickpea, feta, and mozzarella dip called Coccio.

  • SueF

    Goat cheese and tomato sauce, that you dip crostini into, YUM! (Also love guac, hummus, and french onion dip.) What a fun giveaway!

  • Molly

    my fave is my aunt Lis’ roasted red pepper and feta dip. So good. When I dip you dip we dip, mostly.

  • Joanna berger

    Guacamole! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • Heather

    Awesome giveaway!! We’ve been trying to eat more fruits and veggies and have been making smoothies almost daily – my 2 year old loves adding the fruits and veggies and watching it mix. Does guacamole count as a dip because homemade guacamole is a favorite in our house.

  • Hilary

    Guacamole is my all-time favorite dip. On chips, sandwiches, you name it!

  • Rachel

    It’s hard to beat really good hummus, but I also love yogurt/veggie/spice dips!

  • Jennifer

    I make Hummus all of the time. I make all different flavors…like roasted red pepper hummus, roasted garlic hummus, sun dried tomato hummus, cilantro jalapeño hummus, and a few others. I love hummus because it is a very versatile dip and came used as an ingredient in some many other dishes.

  • Laura

    White bean dip is my very favorite dip!

  • Marisa

    Oh my gosh it’s a dream come true! I love hummus but I love romesco sauce more (pureed roasted red peppers and almond base). It’s amazing baked onto chicken too!

  • Marie @ Little Kitchie

    A super chunky, spicy guac is my favorite dip!

  • Alicia

    A really cold, thick and tangy ranch dip. And I mean you can NEVER go wrong with a cheese dip.

  • Allison Wargo

    Broccoli and Spinach Dip, very yummy and something a little different to spice things up!

  • Olivia

    I LOVE the look of this cilantro hummus. I think adding cilantro makes almost anything better. I’d say my all time favorite dip is babaganoush. I LOVE the olive oil, garlic, lemon, and eggplant flavors. Super excited about this giveaway! I have been lusting after a Vitamix FOREVER!

  • Kate

    My favorite dip is brie cheese baked in a bread bowl!

  • Annie

    My favorite dip is a chipotle aioli served at a restaurant in Minneapolis! Perfect for sweet potato fries, and anything else.

  • Jen W

    Full-fat Dean’s French onion dip. Must be paired with Ruffles.

  • Caitlin

    Guac, all the way!

  • Lisa Tornello


  • Shealyn Johnson

    My favorite dip would have to be spinach-artichoke dip…and all its cheesy goodness. Plus I can pretend like I’m being healthy since it has veggies :). Definitely enjoy a good hummus and guacamole as well. But you cant go wrong with a good ‘ol dip in some ranch.

  • Lyndsay

    My favorite dip is a cheeseball recipe from our family’s beaten-up, 1980’s Spencer, IA YMCA fundraiser cookbook. The pineapple cheeseball, affectionately just called “THE cheeseball” has been a staple at family holidays for decades now. Healthy? No. Delicious? Yes.

  • Sarah

    My favorite dip is probably dill veggie dip. Hummus is a close second!

  • Nicole @the dirty oven

    My favorite dip is hummus, but a fry dipped in ranch
    dressing is off the hook!!

  • Heidi

    Guacamole is my favorite. I would eat it on anything!

  • Jill D

    Fry sauce made with siracha instead of ketchup – addictive!

  • Arlene

    ranch dressing. ain’t no shame.

  • Kimberly V.

    Onion soup mix with sour cream. Trashy yet wonderful. I had a hot onion dip once that blew my mind but I will still take the cold simple stuff!

  • Lauren

    Every summer I look can’t wait to visit family in Iowa and eat absurd amounts of Anderson Erickson french onion dip! I’m salivating just thinking about it…

  • Sherry

    It’s a tie between a hot queso blanco and a chunky, spicy guac!

  • Sara

    I love me some french onion dip, but I would make that hummus in a second!

  • Jill

    Spicy peanut sauce for salad rolls or…to be honest…everything!!!

  • Lindsay

    My husband’s homemade guacamole, heavily seasoned with cumin!!

  • Laura

    Can’t pick…Guacamole…hummus with horseradish…for fries, aioli!

  • Jessica

    Buffalo chicken dip is my favorite…..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Jill

    I love guacamole so much, but I have also had a faux guac made with edamame that was out of this world. Putting those ingredients on my shopping list now…..

  • Lisa

    My favorite dip is roasted red pepper hummus. Could eat it for days!!

  • sarah

    mexican seven layer dip!

  • Fanny

    The sesame dip from Everyone Likes Sandwiches. Yum.

  • leslie

    clam dip forever! (I swear, funny name withstanding, this long-standing multi-generational family recipe is the BEST. EVER.)

  • Ali

    Olive hummus

  • eliza

    white bean dip

  • M

    Salsa because I’m from Texas! 🙂

  • Michelle

    It’s hard to beat a good spinach-artichoke dip. But I also love white bean dip with parsley, lemon, and garlic!

  • Lucy

    I love spinach and artichoke dip. But this hummus looks awesome!

  • Sara

    My favorite dip is a white bean and pesto dip! Mmmmm….

  • JC

    But I like so many types of dip!!! Guacamole is probably my go to, but a good homemade ranch or herb dip it pretty high on the list for me as well.

  • Jill

    BLT dip. Yummy!!

  • mkbrod2

    no dip left behind – whichever dip is in front of me at the time is my favorite!

  • Meagan

    I love pretty much all dips, not going to lie. But give me some white bean and basil hummus from TJ’s and I can eat the entire container.

  • Lisa

    I’m a huge fan of french onion dip or spinach dip. So tasty and both are easy to make for a crowd!

  • Elana

    I can’t get over how pretty that hummus swirl is.

    Peanut butter. Peanut butter is my favorite dip because you can easily make it sweet or savory. Bag of chocolate chips? Dip. Mix it up Thai style and you got satay. Dip.

  • Meghan

    At every family get-together, my aunt makes this wonderful spicy crab dip – crab, cream cheese, mayo, hot sauce, etc – entirely unhealthy, but oh so indulgent! I could eat that with a baguette any day of the week!

  • Manijeh Kamyar

    Hummus is a good dip, but baba ganoush is my fav! I love roasted eggplant, it really makes my day better 🙂

  • Denise from Savannah

    Hummus with roasted garlic for me. Your pictures make me want to whip up a batch right now! But alas, my blender isn’t a Vitamix. Yet! Thanks to you for the giveaway and good luck to all the entrants.

  • emily

    thick hummus is my favorite!

  • Rosamond

    Guacamole will always be number one!

  • Sandra

    Hummus is my usual go-to for lunch, but nothing beats fresh guacamole!

  • Jess

    My favorite dip is guacamole or as my daughter calls it: messycado

  • Katie K.

    I like to dip back and forth into labne and a smooooth hummus with lots of good olive oil. mmm

  • Jordan

    Spicy preserved Lemon Greek Yogurt.

  • Ayleyaell

    My favorite dip is a low (er) calorie Eggplant hummus I buy from Trader Joe’s. I would love to re-create that at home.

  • Rosy

    hummus is my favorite dip! i love to add cheddar and jalapenos, or basil to make a pesto hummus.

  • Michelle

    My favorite dip is tzatziki even though I always forget the exact spelling!

  • Natalie

    Hummus or babaghanoush!

  • Tui

    In the warm summer months I love how refreshing tzatziki is… On everything!

  • Ali

    Love your blog and this recipe looks amazing! My favorite dip is a good spicy Mexican bean dip, guacamole or, my new favorite, white bean dip ( ) yum!

  • Margaret

    It’s Shutterbean’s Herbed Ricotta! It always impresses company and we just can’t get enough.

  • Cheryl

    My favorite dip is guacamole.

  • Teresa

    melitzanosalata- greek eggplant dip

  • Ashley

    Trader Joe’s white bean hummus is where it’s at!

  • christina

    my favorite dip is hummus with lots of roasted garlic!

  • Leslie

    I eat hummus almost every day for lunch but I have to say that guacamole is my fave.

  • Jo

    This hummus looks delicious! My favorite dip is baba ghanoush. 🙂

  • Melissa

    Ina Garten’s recipe for Tuscan mashed chickpeas. Chickpea, garlic, lemon, parm, tomato….heaven!

  • Jaclyn Koenig

    Goat cheese guacamole!

  • Carina

    I love a warm spinach artichoke dip.

  • Elissa

    All time favorite dip is a cheeseburger dip that my mom makes for football games on Saturdays in the fall. But I’m a dip lover – very few that I don’t like!

  • Jill

    Oooh! Spinach artichoke dip for sure!

  • Steff

    Favorite dip: hummus! Always and forever, hummus.

  • Christina

    French onion! Love some potato chips with french onion dip!

  • Stacey

    White queso made with chorizo. Mmmmm.

  • Emily

    My favorite dip will always be spinach artichoke dip, a classic!

  • Kelsey McGinley

    This is tough… Dip is my favorite! My mom makes a delicious Roasted Corn dip with cheesey goodness…. that might be it!

  • Stacey

    Guacamole or hummus!

  • Sarah Daniels

    Ever since my friend from Greece taught me his ways, tzatziki!! It is so amazing on everythingggg!

  • Brandi

    I love hummus…roasted red pepper, garlic, plain tahini…oh but Guac is so good, especially with fresh sala. Then there’s spinach and artichoke dip. Wait, do I have to pick just one? I can’t play favorites. I love them all.

  • Christy

    Guacamole (and salsa…and hummus)!

  • Melinda @cookingalamel

    My favorite dip is guacamole!

  • Jana

    We love ranch dip

  • Sonja L.

    My favorite dip is hot crab with big lumps of crab, onions and peppers!!

  • Jenn

    Toss up between a good, solid guac and Cat Cora’s htipito dip – it’s a spicy whipped feta dip we had for Easter this year, yum yum.

  • melissa

    vegetarian chili cheese dip! i could eat an entire tray.

  • Nate


  • meg

    Just plain old garlic hummus is my favorite! Sometimes like to add a little sriracha for spice.

  • Annie

    Cheesy spicy spinach & artichoke dip!

  • Becca

    Salsa! My 2 1/2 year old is super into salsa right now, too!

  • Amelia

    Tzatziki! Fun to say and eat!

  • Chris C.

    Wait, I have to pick just ONE favorite dip??? I pretty much love any dip. I guess my favorite right now is a green goddess-ish dip I make with avocado, whatever herbs I have around (usually cilantro, parsley, green onions, tarragon), garlic, and yogurt. YUM! Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

  • allysha

    Love lemon hummus with just slightly steamed asparagus and also creamy pumpkin dip in the fall.

  • Janelle Andrea

    Favorite dip? I’d have to say spinach artichoke. I can’t resist it!

  • Eliza

    I love this green onion dressing that I found on smitten kitchen for a green onion slaw. I use it for cut up vegetables, and also as a kind of chimichurri. Yum!

  • Laura

    It’s a tie between guacamole & spinach artichoke dip (heavy on the artichokes)!

  • Kate

    Buffalo Chicken Dip or Queso! Not exactly healthy, but it’s about BALANCE, right?

  • Jillian

    Without a doubt, the Tomatillo Avocado Dip from — I dream about it. Gimme a sweet potato, tortilla chips, veggies, or (more than likely) just a spoon.

  • Jan

    I agree with Laura! Either guacamole or spinach artichoke dip. I could eat either anytime, any place 🙂

  • Rachael

    Hummus! Always hummus. Except for when it’s guacamole.

  • Lori H

    I love so many dips, but I think I love Spinach-Artichoke (hot or cold) the most!

  • Emily

    Guac. Hands down. No question.

  • kayla

    Whooaaa this is an amazing giveaway! Favorite dip- guacamole, duh 😉

  • Sarah

    I love ranch dip and veggies.

  • Valerie

    Is salsa considered a dip? It’s more of a condiment in my home, but either way it’s my favorite.

  • abbey

    Muhammara! I make it all the time.

    Check out Heidi’s version:

  • Molly Grimmius

    Lemon Guacamole….yum yum yum. My mom had a vitamix growing up and got so spoiled with a machine that can really do anything.

  • Molly Grimmius

    Lemon Guacamole….yum yum yum. My mom had a vitamix growing up and got so spoiled with a machine that can really do anything.

  • Kelly

    Can’t get enough of my sister’s Buffalo Chicken dip made with Greek yogurt!

  • Joanna

    Green goddess or a homemade caramelized onion dip. Something about the herby, garlicky taste of green goddess makes my taste buds dance and what’s not to love about caramelized onions?

  • Nia

    I recently had romesco sauce at a restaurant to dip shrimp into and it was divine! I would love to make it at home.

  • Kristen

    It’s a toss up between guac and hummus! Maybe a three way tie with French Onion Dip too!

  • Marla Solano

    Spinach Dip!!! yay!

  • Angela

    Homemade guacamole. Has to be homemade.

  • Missy

    You know that horribly delicious dip that everyone makes by mixing sour cream with dried onion soup mix? Well, my mom doesn’t like sour cream (neither do I!) so she would blend low fat cottage cheese in the blender while adding the onion soup mix. To this day, it’s one of my favorite dips for veggies and chips. I will sometimes even eat the entire container (and bonus: feel much less guilt than I would if I ate an entire container of sour cream!).

  • Traci

    Salsa is my favorite but I am acquiring a taste for hummus.

  • Laura F.

    Red pepper hummus with pretzel thins…yummmm…great, now I am hungry…I am going to go get some right now!

  • katie

    I like to make a sort of 5-alarm hummus that is too spicy for all the wimps in my life (more for me!) – typical hummus base blended with 4 or 5 chipotles in adobo sauce, several liberal shakes of Tabasco, red pepper flakes, cayenne…clear sinuses for days!

  • Camille

    I’ve loved guacamole ever since I tried it on my honeymoon in Costa Rica six years ago! Thanks for the chance to win the blender.

  • Andrea

    Hummus and guac

  • Emily

    I am totally on the guacamole bandwagon! I like it with roasted jalapeños and garlic.

  • Isra


  • jacquie

    artichoke and spinach dip

  • Bridget

    I love good guacamole!

  • Dottie

    Oh wow! I’ve been wanting a Vitamix for years.

    I think my favorite dip is a feta dip–like the one Bon Apetite just featured last month. SO GOOD!


  • Angela

    You don’t need a blender for it (but I’ve been lusting after a Vitamix forever!), but I just whipped up a faux tzatziki to go on my spicy shrimp cakes with cucumbers, dill, parsley, greek yogurt, and a squeeze of lime juice. It was perfect with the super spicy shrimp!

  • Christine

    Is guacamole a dip? If not, hummus for sure! Mmm. I’m hungry now.

  • Erin

    My favorite dip is salsa con queso. That is like my kryptonite and if it’s in front of me, I will eat the whole bowl.

  • Margaret

    Probably Ranch dressing. Its not the healthiest, but favorites rarely are the most nutritious choice.

  • MeLisa

    My favorite dip is probably roasted red pepper mixed with ricotta

  • Becky R.

    I love those ranch-y dips that are probably bad for you, but SO good with chips. They show up so often at parties!

  • Brittany

    Guacamole all the way. Yum!

  • Elly

    Oooh, what a tough question. I’ll have to say tzatziki is my favorite, with guacamole and red salsas vying for second place. I like the idea of cilantro oil – will have to try it with my hummus someday.

  • ila

    gotta love some crab gratin! But for healthy with veggies: tzatziki

  • Sabrina Modelle

    I love to dip stuff in vinaigrettes, which I know is a tad strange. But then, I’m a tad strange. Also love anything made with creme fraiche.

  • Sarah

    Red pepper hummus…nom nom nom! 🙂

  • ChristineFD


  • Valerie

    Hummus with garlic and roasted tomato.

  • SherryC

    Anything and I mean anything with avocado. Love it!)

  • Renee

    My favorite dip is feta dip, but this hummus could easily be my next fave!

  • Jamie

    Roasted red pepper hummus from publix (or homemade) is my favorite!

  • Meagan

    Being from Texas, guacamole is my #1 fave. But I also adore hummus and spinach/artichoke dip!

  • Leona Jones

    I could never decide between guacamole, feta dip, and hummus. They’re all favorites!

  • Amy

    I love a good guacamole or horseradish aoli!

  • Ariel

    Pico de gallo! Not technically a dip but delicious nonetheless

  • meaghan

    Guacamole! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kristen

    I love a really bright, fresh, spicy salsa! Straight from the garden, if possible.

  • Laura

    Guacamole, for ever and for always.

  • Angela Y

    I like hummus with a lot of garlic, or spinach and artichoke dip!

  • Mardi

    I like all the dips. BUT – salsa is probably my favorite, not from a jar, from a Mexican restaurant.

  • Theresa

    Guacamole. x1000. A friend taught me to add in a tiny dash of soy sauce to help bring out the flavors. Genius move!

  • Hillary

    White bean dip with chili flakes – so good!

  • Charity

    hummus with roasted red peppers all up in it. that’s my fave!

  • alicia

    any dip! – but i tend to gravitate toward white bean hummus OR guacamole (both homemade) more so than any other 🙂

  • Amberlee

    Salsa for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! A close runner up is hummus though; I’ll have to make your cilantro oil variation soon. 🙂

  • Kelly G.

    I love pesto! I spread it on everything, and will dip anything in it!

  • Emily

    guacamole. always, guacamole. 🙂

  • Cynthia

    Homemade spicy lemon hummus!

  • lani trock

    raw cashew pesto! i love you.

  • Melanie

    Guacamole with roasted jalapeños, onion and garlic. Rick Bayless made guacamole even more special by roasting some of the key ingredients.

  • sarah


  • Callahan Woodbery

    Aw man! That looks tasty! My favorite dip is spicy peanut sauce (basically peanut butter, soy sauce, and chili powder) super tasty on broccoli!

    I totally channeled you yesterday and listened to the JtB podcast while organizing my closet, letting Tracy, Our Lady of Organization guide my decluttering!

  • Bengi Selcukoglu

    Favorite dip would definitely be guacamole!

  • Natasha C

    Favorite dip is hummus, coincidentally! Followed by buffalo chicken dip as a close second

  • Jodie

    Favorite dip… it’s a toss up. Guacamole or anything basil – pesto, basil hummus, etc.

  • Allyn

    Healthy current me says hummus. Honest, doesn’t give a damn me says queso.
    Oooh, or guacamole. Or a good salsa.
    So many choices

  • Michaela

    My favorite dip is guacamole with hummus coming in as a close second.

  • Christine

    My favorite dip is plain greek yogurt + lemon juice or lemon curd + cumin. So delicious!

  • Gina

    Sour cream and onion! 🙂

  • Meagan B.

    I lovvvvvvve a good spinach artichoke dip. But that is very closely followed by red pepper hummus.

  • Adrienne K

    It’s a tie between black bean dip and guacamole!

  • jaime

    that cilantro oil sounds fantastic! i’m a lover of pretty much all dips, but my fav is probably a really fresh, garlicky salsa.

  • Marie

    Lately, I have been super obsessed with a Chipotle Lime dip made with a Greek yogurt base. SO GOOD on pretty much everything.

  • Liz Greene

    My favorite dip is my mom’s shrimp dip – amazing with Triscuits!! She’s passed on the recipe to me and it’s now a go-to whenever I have a party to go to!

  • Rachel

    My favorite dip is guacamole – the saltier the better.

  • Farah

    I love whipped feta dip! My favorite is lemon and dill.

  • Christine

    I can really get into kalamata olive aioli. So unexpected, but so delicious.

  • Mandy

    My favorite dip is definitely good old-fashioned corn dip! So easy to make and super delicious too!

  • Caitlin

    Favorite dip? That’s easy – hummus!! My favorite is roasted red pepper hummus, but plain ol’ regular ol’ hummus is delicious any day with a pita chip or piece of toasted bread…yum! Tracy, this hummus looks great, and I’ve got to try that cilantro oil!

  • Stacy

    It’s a tie between hummus and tzatziki, but this cilantro oil may tip the scale toward hummus!

  • Amy

    It’s not healthy at all, but I’m really enjoying leftover pimento cheese dip from Easter!

  • Laura T

    My mom makes a garlic feta dip that is delicious! This hummus with the oil looks great too! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Debbie

    My fav dip is garlic hummus!

  • Molly

    I love guacamole and anything with cilantro!

  • Christina

    Fresh salsa and guac… mmm spicy chunky creamy tasty goodness smooshed altogether on chip!

  • Leah G

    I really enjoy taco layered bean dip (so does my hubby). I have to say that I listened to your podcast with Joy the Baker today, and I’ve never left a comment(mainly because I thought they were a hassle for you to keep up with). That said, you do an amazing job!! I love your photos and recipes. Keep your chin up!! 🙂

  • Kathryn

    My favorite dip is hummus, and I looooove cilantro, so this is PERFECT! Yum!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve always wanted a Vitamix! Such an awesome giveaway! My favorite dip is definitely guacamole.

  • Iris

    I think my favorite would have to be Spinach Artichoke dip.

  • Julia

    Gah, having a horrible time picking between tzatziki and guac. This is the Sophie’s choice of dips.

  • Lindsay

    I love trader joe’s white bean hummus, it’s amazing. Now that the weather is warming up though I’m excited to add some more tzatziki into the mix!

  • Sarah

    I don’t think I can pick one favorite dip! Hummus, guacamole, clam dip, spinach artichoke dip, even queso dips (as terrible for you as they are) all have a special place in my heart!

  • Allie

    My favorite dip is spinach dip. I could eat it all day, every day!

  • Rebecca @ Runner with an Appetite

    Being a Marylander, I love a nice hot crab dip. Can’t beat it!

  • Carrie

    Guacamole and salsa have my heart.

  • Kristin A.

    I’m secretly a huge fan of onion dip. I almost never eat it, and would never buy it, but if it’s at a party I can’t resist. My favorite dip that I’ve made is this Lemon, Pepper & Pecorino Dip from Real Simple ( It’s very rich, so you don’t indulge too much.

    • Deborah

      Total agreement with you on Onion! I love it too! Great recipe on bon appetite for a carmelized onion one!

  • Jess

    All dips. For real. I could never choose just one! My favorite & go to dinner is “picnic” with as many dips as I can find.

  • Peggy Urban

    Favorite dip this spring is mango onion garlic avocado lemon juice salsa. Yum! With some Boulder Canyon ancient grains chips! Yum Yum!

  • Zoë

    I’m such a salsa fiend. I’ll have it on any and everything.

  • Alexis

    For me, it’s a toss-up between hummus and tzatziki.

  • erica barraca

    my favorite dip is definitely guacamole!

  • Kelly

    Vitamix!!!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!! I really do love hummus and it’s the dip that I eat most often however, if health isn’t an issue, I would say my favorite dip is spinach-artichoke or something really cheesy!

  • Sarah

    I make my hummus with lots of garlic. I am such a garlic lover, but the cilantro is a great idea for some spring-time zip!

  • alison

    Favorite dip? Those layered Mexican dealies with salsa, cheese, chili, and the kitchen sink in it!

  • Kelly

    I love making a hummus-like dip with white beans instead of garbanzos!

  • Andrea M

    guacamole is my favorite!

  • Caty


  • Becky


  • Emily

    I don’t really love dips, isn’t that weird?!! But I did just try hummus for the first time and kind of fell in love with it. So I guess by default that’s my favorite?

  • Whitney

    My favorite dip is whipped feta! Add a little lemon, olive oil, salt + pepper…goes with just about anything you want to dip into it! YUM! 😉

  • Morgan

    Cheese dip… no shame here 🙂

  • Kelly

    My favorite dip is guacamole…but i really love all cream cheese based dips as well! Great giveaway!

  • Megan

    Nothing like some fresh guacamole! I dip everything from chips to veggies in it!

  • Emily S

    Muhammara makes my mouth water like no other. Sssooooo amazing!

  • Ashley V

    My favorite dip is salsa!

  • Kate Swarthout

    I would love to have a vitamix to make asparagus soup! I know it isn’t really a dip, however don’t you hate those strings from the asparagus messing up a perfectly good soup! The vitamix would take care of that!

  • Britt Carter

    Nothing beats a light classic hummus with lots of squeezed lemon! YUM!!!

  • Hanan

    My favorite dip is salsa!

  • Kelsey

    My favorite dip is a recipe for homemade salsa my dad got off the wall the bathroom of a Mexican restaurant.

    My favorite smoothie: Dates, cacao, strawberry, homemade almond milk, banana, and candied ginger. YUM.

  • madeleine

    My favorite dip is a super-naughty full fat cheesy spinach and artichoke dip! Can’t resist!

  • deborah

    I really don’t think of “hummus” as a dip since I use it on so many things. Think I am old school. I love a great onion dip. Grew up in Buffalo where BISON brand French onion dip was a staple at EVERY family gathering. Today like a upgraded variation – caramelized onion dip with some Krinkle cut potato chips 🙂

  • Kalila

    My favorite dip is mango avocado salsa!

  • Lauren @ La Dolce Pita

    really garlicky guacamole … YUM.

  • Kristen D.

    Salsa is my favorite dip, especially sweet & spicy ones.

  • Don

    My wife makes an amazing pizza dip with tomato sauce, ricotta, pepperoni slivers, fresh basil. You dip pieces of Italian bread in it!

  • Ali

    Can’t go wrong with a classic Tzatziki dip – greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic, and lemon!? YUM!

  • Jennifer

    I am in love with the crazy feta dip!

  • Jenn

    7-Layer Taco Dip, eaten when drunk, with best friends.

  • Julia

    What an awesome give-away!! My favorite dip is a good guacamole. Or anything with melted cheese…

  • Jen

    I’m with Cooper, give me some plain d hummus any day!

  • Kimia

    My favorite dip is call Mast-o-moussir, roughly translated to yogurt and shallot. It’s a blend of rich, thick Greek-style yogurt, minced shallot, and fresh dill. It’s amazing on flatbread, with pita, or alongside any middle eastern dish!

  • Emily

    I love salsas that have fruit in them… Fresh pineapple salsa, yum!

  • Kate

    GUACAMOLE!! So easy to throw together and delicious on so many things… or right off the spoon. 😉

  • katie c.

    I have been pining for a Vitamix for what feels like forever! Favorite dip is red pepper hummus, but this would also be perfect for daily am smoothies- greek yogurt, flax, chia, spinach, frozen blueberries, strawberries, mango and pineapple and fresh sliced banana

  • Claire

    BUFFCHICKDIP. (Uh, Buffalo Chicken Dip.) Not nearly as healthy as this hummus, but daaaannnngggg it’s good stuff.

  • Catie

    I love good whipped, baked feta and parsley petso dip!

  • Kate B

    There’s a Vegetarian Times asian edamame dip that my husband I make regularly and it is DELIGHTFUL.

  • Caley

    My favorite dip is hummus for sure! Especially with roasted red peppers and garlic. That vitamix is just what I need!

  • Jackie

    I think it is a tie between guacamole and lemon/garlic hummus! I usually buy wholefoods brand hummus, but I would love to try making my own:)

  • Erica Zamora

    I love a sour cream, goat cheese and rosemary dip paired with roasted garlic on baguette! Trust me. So simple and it will kill you dead, it is so delicious.


  • Kerri

    My favorite dip is chunky guacamole! A close second is salsa. When I was younger I’d end up just eating it with a spoon so doesn’t really count as a dip in that case 🙂 What an awesome giveaway – I’ve been dreaming of a Vitamix for so long!

  • Dandi D

    I love roasted garlic hummus!

  • Vanessa

    My favorite dip is anything mayo-based – like mayo mixed with garlic, chives, onion powder and cheese powder. You can dip pizza in it, chicken skewers, meatballs, fish fingers, french fries. Om nom nom nom. Straight to my thighs! 🙂

  • Mandy

    I LOVE hummus. I can eat it on or with just about anything. My latest favorite is on raw green beans!

  • Sharon Miodovsky

    Anything Shutterbean recommends, duh!

  • Dani

    Hummus, salsa, tzatziki…you name it, I love it.

  • Lindsay

    Either a layered Greek dip or a gooey layered Mexican dip – I can’t resist.

  • Corey

    guacamole is my dip of choice! all guac, all the time!

  • Joanna

    My favorite dip is buffalo hummus. I also make it myself! You can’t go wrong with garlic and hot sauce!

  • Samantha Haltman

    Wasabi edamame Hummus. MMMMM. so good on everything.

  • Mama Jane

    Guacamole is more like a food group than a dip, but if it counts as a dip, it is my fave!
    Our old Oster blender is on its last legs and I’ve been dying for a Vitamix. I have a smoothie for breakfast every day! I would completely freak out if I won. Thanks, Tracy!

  • Erin

    I have a tie for my favorite dip! My husband’s homemade guac OR Trader Joe’s Cilantro Jalapeño Hummus. I could eat the whole container!!

  • Stephanie

    I don’t have it as often as I’d like but babaganoush is a favorite. Smokey, roasted eggplant..yum!

  • Marissa

    It’s a tie between hummus and guac! Hard to pick. I do eat hummus daily (or multiple times daily) so that might win.

  • Lorie O.

    I’m a sucker for guacamole or any type of nacho/taco dip! I need a Vitamix in my life!!

  • Anemilyb

    Oh I do indeed love the hummus, but I especially love it with a huge dollop of Aardvark hot sauce. Then I’ll dip veggies and plantain chips in it all the live long day!

  • Caitlin

    My favorite is the Trader Joe’s sour cream and onion dip. It’s probably so bad for me but I can’t resist it!

  • Nicole Dykstra

    Favorite dip: All the Things Pesto with cannellini beans and almonds. Yum.

  • Megan

    I LOVE hummus, but my favorite dip really has to be queso. Mmmmm – cheesy. Thanks for the contest Tracy!

  • amy

    dreamy vitamix, guacamole is my favorite dip!

  • Sarah

    My fave dip…has got to be hummus! All sorts of variations, you can mix literally anything in with those gorgeous garbanzos. To win a Vitamix would be so dreamy- fingers crossed!

  • christina

    my favorite dip is a white bean hummus-y thing that you put everything bagel toppings in. it is fucking good and white beans are fucking cheap, just like me.

  • Morgan

    Hummus, pesto, or spinach and kale dip!

  • Dona

    Favorite dip most definitely guacamole with salsa coming in second and hummus a close third!

  • brandi

    my Texan best friend introduced me to real queso a few years back…nothing beats a good queso with freshly made tortilla chips! ::homer drool::

  • Caitlin

    My favorite dip is a cucumber dill dip that my grandmother used to make for me every summer. Summer had officially started once he made the dip. It goes with every kind of vegetable and even good on turkey wraps. I am kind of obsessed with this dip.

  • Ali

    Oh man, my favorite dip…I think it’s a toss up between hot crab, vidalia onion and queso. Om nom nom!

  • Kristen

    French Onion Dip with Ruffles is my ultimate guilty pleasure!

  • fariha

    umm.. seriously?! this sounds delish

    my favorite dip is harissa- particularly a version by cava mezzo grill in DC, they’re now sold at whole foods. so. so. good

  • Tyler Orizotti

    My favorite and an absolute crowd-pleaser is Black Bean Jalapeno Hummus. Great on its own as a dip or as a spread on a sandwich or panini:)!

  • Kelsey

    My absolute favorite is babaghanoush! Roasted eggplant and tahini and cumin deliciousness. Tastes like a smokey herbed vegetable creamy dip! And about 4 ingredients total 🙂

  • Jessica L.

    I just made a batch of hummus today! Either it or salsa is probably my favorite dip.

  • Jennifer Cullen

    My favorite is a garlicky, smoky babaganush.

  • Alex

    My dad’s side of the family makes the most delicious dip lovingly known as ‘shrimp dip’, with blue cheese, tiny shrimp, and grated onion in a cream cheese base. It sounds a little weird, but it is so good!

  • Ashley @ Hudson on the Potomac

    My favorite dip is hummus!!! I make my own by swapping greek yogurt for the tahini.

  • Whitney B.

    My fav. dip is this cheesy chorizo concoction my father in law makes. Pair it with freshly fried tortilla chips and i could eat it like an entree!

  • ayris

    Guacamole is my favorite!

  • Shaina Brown

    guilty pleasure – french onion dip. now, how can we put a healthy spin on that?

  • Emily

    I was going to say hummus for bonus points but let’s be real, GUACAMOLE!!!

  • christina

    Homemade ranch dip. Once you make it from scratch you will never go back.

  • Emily

    I have to pick ONE favorite? I’m going to have to go with guacamole. I can make a meal out of that stuff.

  • Emily

    My favorite dip is guacamole! I can eat loads and loads of it. I prefer mine to have plenty of lime juice, salt, and SPICE from onion and jalapeno! I would love a Vitamix!

  • Molly Martin

    Crab dip… Especially with the classy Club crackers

  • Sarah O

    Jalapeno cilantro hummus! Or onion dip.

  • Kelsey

    My favorite dip has to be GUACAMOLE. All day, err day.

    Also, just finished listening to you on the JtB Podcast and I wanted to say that I have been loving your healthy posts! I never comment because I get shy or nervous, but I still adore your blog and read your posts every day. Keep up the great and healthy work :).

  • Colleen Chido

    Love me some spinach artichoke dip n guilty pleasure of buffalo chicken wing dip

  • Megan B.

    Carmelized sweet onion dip… delish!

  • Eleanor Thadani

    Truffle hummus! Just a classic hummus recipe with a smudge of truffle oil mixed in. Amazing! Great on veggies, amazing on pita chips… I honestly eat it with a spoon sometimes.

  • Rebecca

    I love tzaziki dipping sauce!

  • Maggie

    Guacamole! Leftovers are a mathematical impossibility.

  • Maggie

    Guacamole! Leftovers are a mathematical impossibility.

  • alisonofagun

    The old school spinach dip from the veggie soup mix, with water chestnuts. AW YISS!

  • maggie b

    such and awesome giveaway! my favorite dip by far is green goddess. but, some french onion with ruffles potato chips is a close runner up:)

  • Hannah W.

    My favorite dip is hummus with chickpeas, edamame, and lots of garlic! Also, guacamole.

  • Shelley

    favorite dip is edamame hummus: both the Trader joes and homemade variety! 🙂

  • Melissa

    Pretzels in honey mustard dip. Tortilla chips in guacamole. Pita chips and veggies in homemade fairytale eggplant dip. Everything tastes better with dip!

  • Jane

    Greek Yogurt Spinach Dip!

  • Amanda Neill

    Roasted garlic hummus is my safe, healthy, answer. But the truth is pimento cheese dip and only if my friend Kacey makes it. Mind blowingly delicious…..

  • Daniela

    Spinach dip, but I also settle for artichoke…

  • Beverly

    Ooh, I love me some hummus, but I don’t think I could live without a good ol’ basic sour cream and onion dip!

  • Emalie

    My favorite dip is hands down muhammara. It’s a spicy Syrian dip consisting of roasted red peppers, walnuts, breadcrumbs and some pomegranate molasses for tang. It’s good on crackers and bread, but also slathered on chicken or as a sauce for fish. Love it!

  • Samantha Lipsie

    We enjoy white bean dip – cannellini beans puréed with garlic, lemon, olive oil and garnished with chopped parsley. Served with toasted pita chips.

  • Anna

    I come from Texas, the land where it’s appropriate (and sometimes expected) to serve queso at every meal. Favorite dip, hands down. White queso with chilis. Yellow queso with cilantro. Chorizo. Onions. On a tortilla. On a chip. On everything. Best stuff ever.

  • Libby

    I’ve been so into dips lately and here I am without a food processor OR a decent blender. Enter: this contest.
    I love any dip that’s got a greek yogurt base that I can dip my fresh veggies into. Please add feta (to everything all the time always).

  • Nicole

    I could down an entire bag of Tostitos Multigrain Scoops with a batch of homemade pico de gallo. Although it might defeat the purpose of a healthy dip. I would love to try this hummus. It looks dreamy!

  • Kate Donohue

    Ooooohhh… It’s like asking me to pick a favorite cocktail (Moscow Mule I’m lookin at you). But I’d have to say a good ol fashioned creamy artichoke dip is my número uno. If we’re gettin really specific here, then I’d also add that heating it up in a cast iron skillet over an open fire deep in the trees is the best way to experience this deliciousness.

  • Cara


  • CC

    It’s a tough one…I’d have to go with bean dip, or wait hot artichoke dip.

  • Cheryl

    Guacamole! Or hummus with a little tahini…yum so good!

  • Ashley

    Fave dip: guacamole with lots of lime and black pepper and finely chopped onion. But I’m also addicted to buffalo sauce to dip (or drip) on almost anything. Love the addition of an herb-oil to the top of hummus to keep it interesting!

    • Sharon McGrath

      My favorite dip is guacamole but hummus is a close second! Thanks for the great recipe!!

  • Christine

    Guacamole. And onion dip. And spinach dip. Mmmmm….dip. 🙂

  • Cory

    Although hummus is my most-consumed dip because I try to act like a responsible adult most of the time, my favorite dip is queso! You can make your own by tossing cubed or grated cheese with cornstarch, then melting it in a saucepan along with some evaporated milk. Add any spices your heart desires — I love roasted green chiles!

  • Sasha

    My favorite is Spinach, Articoke & Goat Cheese Dip from a restaurant in Toronto. Its so good, I could just eat that for the rest of my life!

  • Hilary

    If I’m being honest it’s Buffalo Chicken Dip! But if I’m ‘trying’ to be healthy it would be spicy hummus!

  • Janine Bandick

    It has to be my guacamole and it’s a family hit. Every get together they ask for it you think they would be sick of it but no:)

  • Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen

    Spinach Dip! AHH! That’s my favorite dip. I want a Vitamix pretty badly; here’s to hoping I win!

  • stephanie b

    My favorite is buffalo chicken dip.

  • Julie

    Guacamole and any roasted salsa!

  • Jessica W

    It’s a three way tie between guacamole, hummus or BLT dip!

  • Emilee

    This looks amazing!! My favorite dip is definitely guacamole, but especially guacamole WITH salsa verde! The combination is just the very best thing.

  • Beth Summerfield

    Oh me oh my. The possibilities are endless! Roasted red pepper hummus is a strong contender, but I have to say that guacamole owns my heart. I. Love. It! Thanks for the opportunity! Cheers!

  • Teri

    I love homemade hummus! And I’d love a vitamix to help make it!

  • Sharon

    I love guacamole!

  • Shannon

    Love me some guacamole!!!!!

  • Lisa

    I love Harissa with fresh herbs and jalapeños!

  • Jenny

    My favorite will always be red pepper hummus, though I’d never say no to a good guacamole!

  • Jamie LeResche

    I love spinach artichoke dip baked with goat cheese on top and dipped with homemade naan!

  • Allison

    Israeli hummus.

  • leah

    oh i would love to win this! right now mu favorite dip is red-pepper hummus! also, i like to dip red peppers in any hummus!

  • Mariah

    My favorite dip: edamame hummus!

    This is an awesome giveaway and I love the cilantro hummus recipe–can’t wait to try it!

  • Lindsay

    my fave dip is artichoke with parm. delicious.

  • Alex

    a black bean chorizo baked dip i found in an old cooking light. amazing. i ate half a pan for dinner once.

  • Dana

    My favorite is definitely spicy guacamole! Plenty of lime and plenty of jalapeno and cilantro.

  • Eryn Paul

    My favorite dip is avocado mixed with plain low fat cottage cheese!

  • Peka

    Whipped strawberry pineapple cream cheese! It’s great as a dip for fruits and my kids love it on cupcakes too!!

  • Alison

    I’m a sucker for salsa and spinach dip (but not together, of course)!

  • SoYun

    Guacamole with blue corn chips……yummy!

  • Jordanna Arbogast

    I made a dill pickle hummus the other day for a girls night that was pretty heavenly…a friend asked if I bought it at the farmers market! Totally made my day 🙂

  • Kate

    I could eat my weight in roasted red pepper hummus. But, tzanziki is a close second.

  • Lauren

    I thought about this question for way too long! Mmmm, so many yummy dips to chose from; if I had to choose just one it’d be a yummy homemade onion dip!

  • Kelly Bowman

    Eggplant and tahini spread with toasted baguette or chilled cucumber slices!

  • Jennie Ridley

    Pimento cheese please! White cheddar, a little cream cheese, grated onion and dukes mayo (obviously). Yum!

  • Emily

    My favorite dip is roasted garlic hummus, made with love by my boyfriend!

  • Yvette

    Tracy! Just listened to the podcast & way to hit it strong with a giveaway. You have people like me that love what you do & appreciate everything you put in. As far as favorite dip goes, looks like it might be this one. Or I’ve seen recipes for corn & jalapeño hummus. Mmmm.

  • Chelsea

    roasted garlic hummus!! always and forever <3 <3

  • Kaylen

    My favorite, all-time, 100% dip is guacamole!!

  • Emily R

    An easier question to answer would be, what’s NOT your favorite dip? I love them all…but it’s probably a cross between guacamole and spinach artichoke dip. 🙂

  • Katie Rice

    Caramelized Onion Dip or Guacamole its a big toss up. Both are full of savory deliciousness.

  • maya

    oh dips, i love you. spinach artichoke, guac, onion, homemade hummos, tzakiki, teramisalata are just a few. would love a vitamix!

  • Matthew Plympton

    Baba ghanouj! If you can grill the eggplant first it makes that much more better!

  • Nisha

    Pesto hummus! All variations of pesto really.

  • Michelle Warnke

    My favorite dip is salsa! any type! Thank you for having such a great giveaway! Love your blog!!

  • Gabriella

    Spinach artichoke for sure! and hummus of course!

  • Natalia

    My favorite dip – hummus! You can never go wrong with it – I have even used peanut butter instead of tahini or pine nuts and it’s delicious! Such a versatile dip!

  • Kerianne

    I LOVE coconut date caramel!!

  • Corinne

    hmm…I love Mediterranean style hummus dips (hummus topped with olives, feta, tomatoes and basil) – yum!

  • Jessica

    Sour cream and onion dip!

  • Jenn

    I’m not sure there’s a dip that exists that I do not love. Guacamole is pretty high on the list. Hummus too, gotta be spicy. OOooooo what about good old fashioned cheese ball dip?

  • Tonia

    Favorite savory dip= hummus- preferably homemade with lots of lemon juice and cumin!

    Favorite sweet dip= peanut butter!!!

  • Jeanie

    Hummus and guacamole are definite ties for me!

  • Jessie

    Anytype of hummus! But especially edamame hummus! Awesome give away.

  • Thao C

    Favorite dip is spinach dip =P

  • Nikki Lynn

    all dips are my fave–guac, spicance/artichoke, FRENCH ONION, CLAM DIP–all the retro dips.

  • Alanna Goods


  • Jenny K

    My favorite dip these days is your arugula pesto! So good.

    And since the Official Giveaway Rules ask for a favorite smoothie…I’ll add that I’m in love with yogurt smoothies made with frozen strawberries, almonds and flax seeds!

  • Mari B

    Kalamata olive tapenade w/sundried tomato. Super delicious!

  • Rachel

    I LOVE any kind of spinach artichoke dip!

  • Jenni Preziotti Gamble

    I love guacamole as a quick dip fix – if I have the time I make a creamy roasted red pepper dip that’s amazing !!!

  • Kelly

    I honestly do not think I can pick one favorite dip. I love any and all dips and could eat it for just about any meal!

    I love hummus with roasted red peppers and I also love Buffalo chicken dip.

  • Abigail

    My favorite dip is a roasted beet and scallion dip with za’atar and hazelnuts. It’s a homemade treat that is perfect with crostini. Love your blog!

  • Jennifer

    My go to dip is sprouted chickpea beet hummus. It’s so yummy

  • Kristin

    I love green goddess dip for veggies. I’m allergic to msg and I love a fresh herby dip.

  • Shirin

    My fav is a Turkish eggplant dip similar to babaganoosh. Smokey and garlicky! I also love guacamole and hummus.
    Love your blog. I make a lot of your recipes. Thanks.

  • Megan Gordon

    Favorite dip: roasted beet hummus. It’s super shockingly purple. Loving the contest, Tracy. xox

  • tejas

    hummus’s cousin –> Baba ghanoush (roasted eggplant + tahini)

  • Amanda

    I love love love guacamole! But lately I’ve been really into roasted red pepper hummus! I would be THRILLED if I won this giveaway 🙂 I’m a chef as well and know how much a vitamix works wonders!

  • Christine S.

    One of my new favorite dips is a smoked gouda dip – yum!

  • Alicia

    White bean and sage!

  • Ariel b.

    Cookie Dough Dip! It’s made with garbanzo beans. It’s
    like a sweet hummus. It’s quite amazing and I make it every
    year for an Oscar’s weekend party. <3

  • Casey W

    I know this will be so unoriginal, but i really just love homemade hummus. I could eat a gallon of it. Perhaps I shouldn’t have a Vitamix?!?! But I promise if I win I’ll make lots of green smoothies to balance out all the hummus and milkshakes!

  • Erin Jacobs

    Looooove anything spicy and lots of tzatziki!!!

  • Shabnam Sheikh

    Roasted red bell pepper hummus! This looks amazing though, I’ll have to try it.

  • veronica

    My husband and I are hooked on a cheese dip that they make at Fred Meyer. It could probably use a makeover to do away with the mayo but it is: shredded jarlsberg cheese, mayo, and sliced red onion. Creamy delicious and addictive. Favorite smoothie ingredients: ripe banana, cinnamon, milk, and spinach with a drop of almond extract.

  • Stephanie Zhang

    Smoked salmon cream cheese dip! but guacamole is a close favorite too! 🙂

  • Christina Biggerstaff

    My favorite dip is definitely guacamole! I like all different varieties. Recently, I tried one that had pomegranate seeds in it and it was delicious.

  • Noah

    There is no dip better on this earth and my grandmas homemade salsa. She always keeps me loaded down with a fresh supply.

  • eulalia

    a friend of mine makes a 7-layer dip that pretty much renders me speechless every time i have it b/c it’s so good.

  • Amanda Barkey

    a warm spinach and artichoke dip has got to be ma fave!

  • Jesse

    My favorite dip is hot corn chipotle cheddar dip. Best pinterest recipe i’ve found.

  • Katie

    Garlicy white bean dip . . . MmmMMMmmmm….

  • Meg

    My favorite dip is Corn Dip! It’s a cold dip with a fiesta-feel to it. And you use Frito Scoops to dip with soo…that’s awesome.

  • Sarah Mac

    Oh my goodness! This recipe reminds me of the first time I had a bit of my favorite dip! It had never occurred to me to put black beans in hummus instead of garbanzos. And then use cilantro, lime, and olive oil. It’s great on everything!!

  • Nicole G.

    I’m from Texas, so I have to say either salsa or guacamole. What a great giveaway!

  • Mary

    garlicky, red peppery hummus!

  • Vesta

    I love the jalepeno artichoke dip from Costco. I know I should say something homemade but it’s my guilty pleasure!

  • Emily

    My favorite dip is hummus for sure! I usually go for something with roasted red peppers and a spicy kick but your cilantro hummus sounds ridiculously awesome!

  • Alexa J.

    My favorite is DEFINITELY guac but buffalo cream cheese chicken dip is a close second.

  • Madeline

    Spinach Dip with BACON! And must be eaten with sourdough, yum yum.

  • Emily

    Sweet giveaway! I love hummus, but in the fall I love making the beet and yogurt purée from Jerusalem, so good! And such a great color.

  • katya

    ina garten’s sun dried tomato dip

  • dawn

    french onion dip!

  • Jen M

    Crab dip! With as much Old Bay as possible.

  • Kristina N.

    I love love love garlic pine nut hummus! Definitely need to give this one a try though.

  • Emily

    Seven layer dip!

  • Lisa

    I think my favorite dip is red pepper hummus. Or plain hummus with tortilla chips.

  • Neha Gattani

    I can dip anything in spicy red pepper hummus.

  • Alison

    My favorite dip is the Goat Cheese Guacamole that you posted a while back. It’s a perfect combination of my favorite things.

  • Katelyn

    I love guacamole! For years, I thought I didn’t like it. I could still weep for the time we spent apart when we should have been together in sweet, sweet deliciousness.

  • Margaret M

    Definitely guacamole! Especially with an extra little bit of lime juice!

  • Jo

    Yum!! Hummus! Or tzatziki!

  • carey

    My grandma’s clam dip, it’s so simple yet so delicious!

  • Carolyn!!

    guacamole hands down is the best dip ever!

  • JamieK

    Any sort of hummus and this one looks like a winner!

  • Julie Smyth

    My favorite dip is a cilantro-yogurt sauce. Mix together fat-free greek yogurt (I like Fage), a clove of garlic, a whole bunch of cilantro and some S&P 🙂 Amazing on salmon burgers and as a dip for pita or veggies!

  • Sarah O

    Oh man this is such a hard question! I think my favorite dip would have to be queso and bean dip! Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  • Adria

    Salsa. With tons of cilantro!!

  • Jacque

    Roasted beet hummus! Yum yum!

  • Ruth

    It’s a toss up between a good homemade salsa or a good homemade hummus. I will be trying your recipe for the latter. Great giveaway!!

  • Simone

    Guac and salsa :] I put it on eggs, eat it with chips, etc.! And boy would I love a Vitamix!!

  • Erica

    white bean dip!!

  • evelynn

    guac and salsa….allll day

  • Mary

    Choosing a favorite dip is equitable to choosing a favorite child! Unfair question!! That being said, I’m very fond of guacamole, hummus (all flavors!), tzatziki, artichoke dip (hot), spinach dip, etc. etc. etc.

  • leah

    my favorite is spinach artichoke dip, preferably warm 🙂

  • Nissa

    I can eat red pepper hummus all day and not be mad about it.

  • Lucy

    My favorite dip is actually hummus! I love basically any kind with pita chips, pretzels, carrots, naan, etc. SO GOOD

  • Clare

    pimento cheese and crackers! Or, roasted red pepper hummus. NOMMM. I want a vitamix soooo bad!

  • Jane M

    French Onion Dip ALL THE WAY!

  • Calley

    hummus and guac mix! perfect for summer afternoons with veggies or chips.