September 2, 2019

Intentions for the Week:

Every week, Tracy Benjamin from Shutterbean.com types up her TO DO list with her Intentions for the Week post. Check out this week's post!

Happy Monday, friends!

We have the day off for Labor Day. I’m going to try hard not to labor too much.  Although my house is looking rough around the edges!  

It’s week 36 of 2019. Let’s get into it by writing down our Intentions for the Week! Here are mine.


Intentions for the Week:

  • laundry
  • clean out back of car
  • drop off books at the library
  • clean up kitchen
  • go grocery shopping
  • clear some space on my 
  • figuring out composting for garden/setup
  • work on Currently Book for 2020 (preorder soon!)
  • post Currently August
  • finish post about day pack travel gear
  • package/ship order for The Handwriting Club
  • edit photos
  • go on a hike/wike
  • get my steps in my with my Fitbit 
  • have a date with my calendar
  • catch up on social media
  • drop off donations
  • work in the garden
  • paint toenails
  • do a face mask
  • figure out haircut
  • eat more salads
  • drink enough water
  • water all my house plants
  • put away bags in the front entryway
  • continue to work on my office organization
  • trip to the Container Store
  • track what I eat in my food journal


Last Week’s Intentions:

  • laundry
  • gather stuff to donate
  • drop off library books
  • have a date with my cousin
  • work on Currently for August
  • post where we ate in Italy
  • drink enough water
  • go for a hike/walk
  • eat a lot of salads
  • find a new lunchbox for Cooper
  • package/ship items from The Handwriting Club
  • clean out the back of car
  • work in the garden
  • edit photos
  • spend extra time with Cooper and his homework
  • clean up my closet
  • work on new recipe
  • catch up on social media
  • get my steps in my with my Fitbit  (can’t find charger!)
  • have a date with my calendar
  • clean up my office
  • clean up desk in kitchen
  • hang up calendar
  • paint toenails
  • do a face mask
  • therapist appt
  • empty carry-on backpack 


Recipes to Try:

Shortbread Strawberry Crumble

Strawberry Chia Jam

Bombay Fizz

Bacon Cheddar Waffles

Kale + Sausage French Bread Pizza


Pump Jam for the Week:


Mantra for the week!


Feeling stuck? Make a list! Write down your intentions for the week to help hold you accountable for action.

I’m rooting for you!

Sending sparkles, 


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