My Everyday Life: Week 2

Here’s what this past year looked like- My Everyday Life Week 2

Started the week with meal prep! 

I am 12 days into eating no dairy/gluten/ drinking alcohol.

I’ve been working in my food journal all week and it’s helping!

I am not feeling deprived.

Restriction breeds creativity!  

I’m hooked on Beyond Sausage Brats.  I’ve been having one for breakfast every day this week. 

Also, I LOVE using blackwing pencil (thanks, Tammi!) in my food journal. 

It makes the process more enjoyable.

I’m down 3 lbs. and it’s mostly because I’m not eating dairy or gluten.

I spent the last two weeks of December enjoying cheese and crackers because HOLIDAYS.

Meal prep helps me eat salad.

I had quite a few of them this week.

I was sent this package from Plenty Farms this week. I am blown away by their lettuces. They are amazing.

But I had a lot of greens already in my fridge so I juiced what I had!

Dusted off my juicer and went to town!

We had a bunch of tangerines to use up so I squeezed them with my citrus squeezer.

I love it when we can prevent food waste!

This week I made hot wings in our air fryer. The recipe came from The SkinnyTaste Air Fryer Cookbook.  Cooper liked them!

Cooper and I sat down and worked in our Currently Workbooks.

I like seeing him write.

Huggy update!!

Still hugging!

Ella is warming up to him. Rosie is still annoyed as all heck that I brought him into our home.

Dinner out with family. 

It’s weird drinking sparkling water when everyone else is drinking wine.



Checking out the deck after a rain (in my favorite pjs).

Dinner at A16 with the family.

This salad was good. I would have been amazing with cheese.  Womp womp.

Everyone was eating pizza while I was eating this.

I am proud of myself for sticking to my eating plan.

Exquisite corpse with Cooper.

This is the reason why I carry large index cards with me in my purse.


How do you add magic into your life?

Buy sparklers and pops at your local Asian grocery store.


The shipping department in my office.

We sent out so many food journals!!!!!!!!!!


This on repeat!

I like including Cooper in the mailing process. He’s a big helper.

Saw a woman that looked like my mom. I call this Momspotting.

And then I saw a bumper sticker that reminded me of her.

She wouldn’t have dropped an F bomb, but she was very adamant (always) that books were always the answer.

That face.

THAT FACE!!!!!!!!!

This is Walter. He is my new friend.


Handwriting practice & tea.

Starting to find my way back into my garden.

So much was displaced since the deck project.

Thank you for this.

A wild way to show there was a bump in the sidewalk.

In a few months he is going to be GIANT.

Big development this week.



More sketchbook work in 2020!  I wrote a whole post about keeping a sketchbook  this time last year.

A typical morning on Turkey Hill.

My hair was doing things.

Huggy visiting Casey in his office.

Rosie “helping” me put Christmas decorations away.

Lunch with my first internet friend, Whitney!!!

Sunday essentials. 




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  • Siobhan

    I need a Walter in my life! ♡ Happy 2020 Tracy!

  • Scarlett

    You’re so great at finding the beauty and ligbt in every day, as usual Tracy! How have you been feeling since dropping dairy and gluten lately? Any plans to continue after your 30 days?

  • Maureen

    Walter is so adorable! On the index cards, I see you folded the cards to make the bodies. Do you take turns making parts of the bodies without letting the other see what was done? I have a ton of index cards and I am intrigued. Love your blog! Hope 2020 is a great one for you!

  • nancy k

    Oh my goodness…Huggy is to die for and Walter is beyond.
    I had a “huggy” for 13 years named Razzle. He was a rescued ferrel kitten who always seemed so grateful he had been saved. He was, until the very last night of his life, a “spooner”. He would crawl into the bed and no matter how many times I shifted positions during the night, he would patiently wait for me to settle and then get right back in with his head tucked right up under my chin. I miss him to this day, sweet boy.

    • ReaderRita

      OMG, I had a spooner too! My girl would lay over my arm, nestled into my chest with her head on my pillow, right next to mine. I miss her so much.
      We lost both her and her sister last year. Incredibly tough year.
      I am glad you have such good memories of your Razzle, and thanks for bringing me memories of my little gal. 🙂

  • AshleyJ

    Love your sketchbook pages! Curious about your baked tofu recipe?

  • ReaderRita

    This post gave me all the feels! I had to comment and say thank you.
    Friends of mine just adopted TWIN black teenage kitties, and I am just wallowing in cuteness between them and your glorious pics. I really needed it- and am so grateful!

    Also, if you’re doing dairy free, I’m sure you’ve probably had one, but if you haven’t, try a steamed oatmilk cappuccino. It is heavenly. So. Very. Heavenly.
    Have a lovely 2020!

  • Aeshna

    Gosh Tracy, you just have the best face! (Imagine the motivation it took to tell you this by actually typing in a comment – it’s that special)

  • Sasha

    I had a baby recently (a boy!), when I was pregnant and everyone was drinking, I used to get a sparkling water, or a LaCroix(at home) and put it in a cocktail or a champagne glass! Because? why not! It made things more fun for sure and I didn’t feel left out. I still do this, especially when my husband is drinking a Manhattan and I’m pumping, you’ll find me sipping a La Croix with a twist out of a champagne glass 😀

  • Onessa

    I’m so glad I found your blog again! You are the bees knees!!!!

  • Marsha Ess

    I love how DELIBERATE you seem to be in living your life. You always inspire me to do the same. Thanks for being so consistent with sharing your life.

  • Sara

    The bumper sticker is from an independent book store in Seattle: Left Bank Books. (I have a tote bag with that mantra on it.) I love that you’re able to “spot” your Mom. My son passed almost six years ago (on Friday) and I wish I knew what he would have looked like at this age, but I see him in all kinds of places. #KeepGriefWeird

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