My Everyday Life Week 12

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 12

Nature is DELIVERING here in California. 

Went on a walk with Casey and it was dreamy!

Strawberry season is here too!

What carried us through the week + stuff from the freezer!

Slow cooker pulled pork meat nachos!

And Tacos.

I also made black beans in my Instant pot and had burrito bowls!

What I accomplished last Sunday.

I brought this plant back to life in the front.

Trouble awaits.


Sparkles on the water. It’s pretty magical!

I am also going through a breakfast burrito phase…

Checking on my wisteria.

A canopy of Japanese maple leaves.

On a walk with Neiley. 

Lemon Garlic Roasted Shrimp for the win!


I am so fascinated by how dogs greet each other. Every exchange is so different.

The only way I can make my legs look longer. 

Night night boo boo. 

Had lunch with Heather!

Mrs. T was one of my childhood heroes! 

Research at Annie’s. 


This color was magical. 

Wisteria bloomed this week!

And we’re getting these tiny purple wildflowers all over. 

Write yourself a note on the mirror. Fill it in with shower steam. 

And suddenly everything starts greening up. 

San Anselmo is cute. 

Hunting for treasures. 


Sad I didn’t leave with this. 

Convert Studio tag sale!

Trying to decide what to drink..

Thank you for the beautiful earrings you named after me, Ella! 

Lemon Garlic Roasted Shrimp

A corner I stare at when I’m sitting on the couch. 

A reminder we all could use right now. I’m glad I randomly opened to this page. 

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  • sasha

    Have you ever made the pulled pork using the instant pot? I don’t have a regular slow cooker. The instant pot also has a slow cooking option but I’ve never used it. Have you?

    • Tracy

      Yes I have! I think I did manual at 45 mins and let it release on its own.

  • Ella

    Eep!! I’m so glad they got to you safely! Already said it on the box, but I hope you love them! xo

  • Ruth

    Spring is very much NOT here yet in the Northeast so living vicariously through your pics. Usually about another month or so here until it feels like we’ve turned the corner!

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