My Everyday Life Week 28

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 28

Cooper’s big baseball tournament was in Huntington Beach this week! 

The boys drove down earlier this week and I flew down later. 


The golden gate from above. 

I love the sunset gradient. 

Flight was canceled but I made it!  

I want to paint this.

Southern California! 

Triple peanut action. 

Sunday morning doughnuts. (they were these buttermilk beauties)

Hummingbird watching us at dinner. 

Our waiter was a pen lover. 

Chopped salad at Mozza! 

Cheesy deliciousness. 

We are going to learn how to make this crust. 

Strawberry gelato pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found this lil’ beauty at a stop light. 

Monarch spotting. 

WEDGE.  It was a wordle word too! 

Baseball parents hanging out around the pit. 

Uncovered an old note. 

I am willing to be uncomfortable for 10 minutes so that I can reach my goals. 

Making my pantry list! 

While the boys were gone, I did some reconciling of all of my work!

This is how many food journals I’ve worked my way through. 

I had help with the process… 

Found a rainbow while working. 

How do you get back on track when you are off?

If the opposite of depression is vitality, what gives you the feeling of vitality? 


Filled out the pantry list. 

Chop therapy! 

Outgoing magic. 

Dinner for one. 

Golden times. 

I draw these a lot in my sketchbook. 

Filling in my bed with succulent gifts. 

En route to get my bangs trimmed. 

Life is so quiet when I’m home alone. 

On my way to record a podcast. 

I brake for morning glories. 

Playing around with flavors. 

Ro ro

Another dinner for one- microwave nachos with tapatio. 

Something I wrote down when I was taking a break from social media. 

Full MOON!  I can’t believe how much it lit up our hallway. 

My packing list helps. 

So excited to look through this color meditation deck from my friend Lisa! 

Pulled these beauties from the garden. They make my kitchen so happy. 

Zen garden half sunshined. 

Adding these magic books to my magic kits! 


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  • Kristin

    Wow…I absolutely HATE canvassing, but your, “I am willing to be uncomfortable for 10 minutes so I can reach my goals” really put things into perspective. Surely I can spend some time having potentially uncomfortable conversations so that I can feel as if I did my part to try to help move my country in a more positive direction. Thanks!

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