My Everyday Life: Week 4

Here’s what this past week looked like:  My Everyday Life Week 4

This tree caught my eye. Made me stop my car, turn around and park.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

My car battery died.  TWICE.

I met a nice woman named Maggie who helped me jumpstart my car in the parking lot of The Container Store. We had a nice discussion about the ridiculous amount of flavors they make for Cheez-Its now.  Thank you, kindness of strangers.

Also, my friend John helped me out when my battery died again at the gas station. Forever grateful!

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Pulling cards. 

Making notes in my sketchbook.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Sometimes when people order a Food Journal for a friend, I write their personalized notes for them.

I love seeing how thoughtful people are.

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My name is Jonas.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Family dinner at my Dad’s!  We ordered Souvla takeout.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

I wrote it down!

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Almost at a full month of writing down my meals in my food journal. 


It has helped me lose 5 lbs. this month. The best part is that I didn’t diet. I was more mindful of what I ate when I was writing it down. I am more engaged in writing down what I eat when I make it fun. Using my favorite pen helps!

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Burrito Bowls with quinoa for my meal prep.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

I’ve noticed that my day of eating is usually better when I have a bigger breakfast.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

This is my Mom style.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Tunic from Gap.

Leggings from Gap.

Shoes are Sketchers. They’re super comfy.

Bag is from Etsy.

I tried on a jacket at Anthropologie that reminded me of my Mom.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Cooper ran to me and told me, “MOM COME INTO THE OVER ROOM AND LOOK AT ELLA!”

Lil derp.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Regal Rosie.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

I can make Ella a bed out of anything and she’ll sleep in it.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on


My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Squirrel watchers.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

On their way to get candy.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Snack lunch.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

My office was clean for 5 minutes this week.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

The light was just right.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Art at thrift stores inspires me.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

School project time!  It was so fun to see Casey and Cooper woodworking together.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Kinda reminded me of playing in the garage when I was a kid.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Working on orders late at night.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

I had just texted a friend a heart emoji and a bear emoji and then saw this!

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Don’t trip.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Sausage Soup with two cans of diced tomatoes instead of chicken stock.

I ran out of chicken stock.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Playing around with a Fujifilm xt-3 this week. I’m in LOVE!

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

I think I’ll start taking more Around the House shots now.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Maybe take better garden photos too.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

When I went to pick up some pizza this week the guy complained that the sun was in his eye.

I said, “Ah, golden hour! It will get you.”

“This isn’t golden hour. I’m a photographer. I should know!” he replied.

Uh huh.

My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Fluorescent gym lights humming at 9am on a Saturday morning.


My Everyday Life: Week 4 on


My Everyday Life: Week 4 on

Last night was Crab night at Perry & Eileen’s!!

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I asked followers on Instagram what they wanted to see more of on Shutterbean when I did an Instagram story this week.

Thank you for all of your input!  If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see more of this year, leave a comment!

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  • Kate

    I love these posts! (I loved the random sorry piece one especially this week!) They inspire me – my everyday life picture taking goes in spurts – I’ll be good for a few weeks and then won’t take anything for a few. If you are willing to share how you keep yourself inspired when you just aren’t feeling it, I’d love the input!

  • Lisa

    Hey Tracy,

    Are you loving that day bag purse? I have it in my cart on Etsy, but I’m hesitant to pull the trigger! I’m a student so I rock a backpack most days, but some days where I’m at my practicum I don’t need a full backpack, but a solid purse would be excellent.



  • Jennifer

    I would love to see all your recipes in one section. Thank you and LOVE your blog and menu prepping!

  • Lara

    You bring such joy and inspiration. Thank you!

  • Amy

    I love the stair photo! When I first looked at it I thought it was a photo looking up the stairs but then I saw your feet and realized it was looking down the stairwell. Cool optical illusion!

  • Lisa

    I would love to see more of your fashion style girl!! I love your look and the links you post to your bags and clothes! Also meal prep of course and desssssserts and coffeeeee recipes! LOVE your blog! When I talk about it to my husband he laughs because I talk like I know you personally lol “Yeah Shutterbean wears a lot of black too” lol

  • Lacey

    Loving the Weezer reference. 😉 That song (and album) will never get old to me.

  • Trish

    That mirror above the orange bear is mine!!! So funny to see it in a thrift store around here after our garage sale (I’m in Novato). I love your blog – I’m into all of the same things, including Greek food! Gotta try Souvla.

  • stacy

    It might have been only five minutes, but I bet they were glorious. I love the brief time after a full cleaning/straightening.

  • Maureen

    I love, love the photos…I love seeing what is in your purse posts. Those posts are fun.
    Would love more ideas on how to be creative with our kids. I love your blog! It is awesome. Please don’t get rid of the intentions of the week…these keep me motivated with my own. Keeping spreading joy and light!

  • KG

    “On their way to get candy” is SUCH a gorgeous photo!!!!!

  • Becky B

    I love the cat photos! Got a bunch of them in this week’s post 🙂 Also enjoy the photos around your town, it’s so different from where I am.

  • Mrs D

    Random lurker delurking to say your photos are really OUTSTANDING, but my favourites are the cats. Gorgeous. The light on their coats and eyes!

  • Priya

    I love the photos of your house, particularly how you organise stuff- it is really motivational! Plus I’m nosy…!
    I love all your posts although I am not personally a big fan of the intentions as it stresses me out! I know it’s not meant to be and it’s motivational for others though!
    I really like the photos you post too, and love seeing what Cooper looks like as he is a October 2008 kid like my daughter!

  • Darlene

    I just pulled the Octopus card too!! Boundaries are my personal theme lately 🙂

  • Sierra

    Your tacos always look soooo good! Whenever I see you make yours, I always miss having a gas stove to char the tortillas on.

  • Cheri

    I like your food pics for meal prep and your 3 meal plates spread and the food you eat when you go out to dinner. All your food photos make it all look so tasty and encourages me to meal prep and cook with what I have. Your creativity in all things is so inspiring. I’m waiting for your Food Journal in the mail. I used to do this years ago and it is healthful and helpful. Once again- inspiring.
    From: an older woman in your life 😉

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