My Everyday Life Week 49

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 49

I found some great light this week. 

And a nice writing spot.

I noticed a tree I’ve never noticed before. 41 years here and I didn’t notice THIS BRIGHT YELLOW TREE.

Maybe cuz I don’t park over on this side of the parking lot. 

Reminding myself how much I love a morning walk.

The leaves are incredible.

They’ll all be gone soon.

I can’t wait to do some leaf blowing.

I was busy shipping out packages this week!

Thank you for your orders! I will have more Currently Workbooks in my Etsy shop on Monday!

People are buying the workbooks to do with their KIDS and I AM SO DELIGHTED by that.

I started my SEVENTH food journal this week. 

I have this little book on our kitchen table. I pick it up before I eat sometimes.

This guy is up to no good.

Every day is an adventure.

Leaves everywhere.

This baby leaf on a big leaf made me smile.

Breakfast tacos and TO-DO lists.

Followed by 2 crows.

This looked like it kept someone busy for a while.



Noticing how different the shadows are this time of year.

I make a lot of vignettes when I’m at home too much.

An afternoon bath on a weekend is delightful.

Rosie is so curious.

I didn’t want to get out.

Made eye contact with a horse.

Gonna share the fire cider recipe I love soon.

Meet me in the middle.

You can double up on light if you’re near water.

You can play with different dimensions.

I am glad I forced myself to get outside.

It’s weird how many people don’t say hello.

I forgot how much I like brussels sprouts at breakfast.

Two more days and they’ll all be gone. AND THEN I WILL LEAF BLOW.

New growth. I knew it would happen.

A fiery sunset feels like such a blessing these days.

Any change in light or something different during the day feels magical.

All of my indoor pumpkins are now outdoors…where I will watch from my window.

On a walk with Kealy. Double the light!

Using the flashlight on Casey’s phone to light his drink for this shot. 

Mornings are cold now. 

A geranium propagation turned plant!

We found him sleeping in a plastic bag…

Poke and sashimi from Fishmonger Don! 

Thank you, universe. 


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