My Everyday Life Week 52

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 52

A moment of quiet. 

I love how our living room sparkles this time of year. 

The sunset in Mill Valley.

My Everyday Life Week 52 of 2020- a photography series by Tracy Benjamin of

Sent out another big batch of workbooks this week!

Chinese chicken salad from Comforts and bread from M&H. A match made in heaven.

I envy his sleep. He loves my weighted blanket. 

My house smelled like a candy factory.

Chocolate Amaretto Truffles can be whipped up in a few hours! Perfect for last minute-magic making! Find the recipe on

Wrapping up chocolate amaretto truffle gifts.

Chocolate Amaretto Truffles can be whipped up in a few hours! Perfect for last minute-magic making! Find the recipe on

And then…

Someone wanted to play…

Handwritten notes this time of year are my favorite. 

Making magic through my Mom’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

Spicy ramen night when the temperature dropped.

Roasted Rosemary Almonds for presents & our cheese plate.

Spot the cat.

Casey’s drink.

Our Christmas cheese boards are so much smaller than usual. 

Dad got his own.

Linguini & Clams.

With Lobster for Christmas dinner.

This dinner was what my Mom used to make on NYE. It’s become our holiday tradition since her death.

She always ordered Buche de Noel and….

And served it with her Sour Cream Coffee Cake! 

His favorite Christmas present? The toaster he wanted.

My panini press isn’t cutting it for him after all these years.

RAIN on the bridge. 

Chinese food at my Dad’s.

Taking a deep breath and resting after a storm.

My brother found a baseball still in its package that belonged to my grandpa. What a treasure!

My Dad gave me all of the family photos to go through and I found this picture of my grandma. I totally look like her it’s so weird!

This area was empty months ago.

Paperwhites are delightful this time of year. 

Watched Walter chase an RC car for at least 20 minutes. A mud pit was involved. 

Sleepover on the floor in my bedroom. 

Leftover lobster turned into spaghetti!

There’s nothing like a new notebook before the start of the new year. 


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  • Peggy

    I would love to meet you someday. Your postings and thoughts have brightened my 2020.
    Can I ask where you purchased the amaretto boxes? I love them.
    Keep up the wonderful blog and stay safe!

    • Tracy

      Thanks Peggy! I think I got them from Michael’s many years ago. They were in my stash 🙂

  • Jessie

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Dana

    Oh thank you for this post Tracy! I’m suffering my annual post-Christmas blues exacerbated by covid and a Christmas morning sewer line debacle. We are still a minimum of a week away from having anything to do with waste/water going down a drain restored! But I can instead focus on sunsets (I grew up in Mill Valley), excellent take-out when you can’t wash dishes (I know Comforts’ Chinese chicken salad very well!), the incredible winter light, the little bit of blessed rain we’ll get and the enduring lure of coffee cake that I will be baking ASAP. I just have one question: what is “leftover” lobster?? Thanks again for another lovely post. Happy holidays to you and yours.

    • Tracy

      haha!!! crazy to have one leftover huh? I stuffed my family full of appetizers I guess 😉

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