October 18, 2020

My Everyday Life Week 42

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 42

Decorating for the season on my dining room table!

Golden hour.

My tomato plants are producing!

This meal never gets old.


October 16, 2020



  1. Life underwater is so weird. 
  2. I want to make spooky mansions!
  3. Creative costume ideas.
  4. 10,000 vintage cookbooks digitized! 
  5. Why America has more roads than it needs. 
  6. I wish they still made tv bars.
  7. What causes panic attacks?
  8. Cheetah shoes I love: one / two / three 
  9. Hello, dream home.
  10. This teal is the popular color of the year for Benjamin Moore
  11. A whole bunch of iPad productivity tips. 
  12. How to throw yourself a middle-age reveal party. haha
  13. Why you should still take vacation time during the pandemic. 
  14. How to reboot your sleep cycle. 
  15. These murals of butterflies are incredible.
  16. Be the Light!
  17. How to talk to your kids about S E X
  18. The tradition of matchbooks at restaurants.
  19. I want to make some digital collages.
  20. Weekend baking: pumpkin pudding cake + simple drop biscuits

October 14, 2020

Pumpkin Pudding Cake

For all of you who loved this blueberry pudding cake that’s in my arsenal,  here’s an autumn version- Pumpkin Pudding Cake! This cake is a cross between a bread pudding, a pumpkin pie, and a tasty doughnut.  It also kind of reminds me of my favorite thanksgiving sweet potato dish! 


Magic happens when you pour hot water and on the brown sugar nut mixture on top of the batter; you get the tastiest brown sugar glaze. 

I shared some with my neighbors because it would have allllllll been gone if I had it in my kitchen long enough. So good! 


October 12, 2020

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Intentions for the Week – Week 42 of 2020

Happy Monday! Here we are! Another week. I can’t believe we have 10 weeks left of 2020. That’s wild! This weekend we went to a small outdoor (distanced) party for my friend. I also went for a walk with a friend and did a little bit of meal prep (not enough to warrant a photo apparently) and rested. I might have been a little peopled out!  Let’s see what’s coming up this week as we write down our Intentions for the Week!


October 11, 2020

My Everyday Life Week 41

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 41

Cooper went to school in person 2 1/2 days this week!  It was such a surreal experience. 

It was so weird to make him lunch again! I tucked this note into his lunchbox. 

Meal prepping in motion.

I chopped up a bunch of garlic in my mini food processor for my meal prep.

Caught them together!

Watching the sun go down.


October 9, 2020



  1. Bring on all of the oddly satisfying photos. I’m ready.
  2. Places in the US that look like another country.
  3. A compilation of the weirdest face masks seen on the subway.
  4. Let’s soothe ourselves with organizing hacks.
  5. A snowball fight from 1896
  6. Watch some of Eddie Van Halen’s greatest performances.
  7. People with their scooters in the 1940s.
  8. Reddit’s top 10 most popular life tips of all time.
  9. I have a feeling Cooper would love a stylophone. 
  10. Sneaker love: one / two / three / four
  11. I want to visit this golden mailbox in Petaluma.
  12. The future of shoes is STRING.
  13. My mom really loved Isabel Allende.
  14. This makes me want to put wallpaper in my closet.
  15. A life with three fathers.
  16. It would be fun to make these popcorn balls with Cooper.
  17. Some history on the grapefruit.
  18. Kids grow up with cool urban playgrounds these days.
  19. Ikea is opening it’s first second-hand furniture store. Interesting…
  20. Why do farms look like circles from above?
  21. Weekend treats: pumpkin french toast / simple drop biscuits

October 8, 2020

Red Curry Shrimp

Hi, it’s me, your friend who has a new recipe for us to make. If you like curries, I bet you’ll like this simple Red Curry Shrimp I made this week. This is a curry that gets better the second day and that’s PERFECT for meal prep/leftovers. With all the working from home, dinner leftovers make work lunches so simple. 


It’s also pretty versatile- you can play around with the vegetables.

I think sweet potatoes would be good in there too! I’ll try that next time.

Hooray for another dinner to add to the rotation!!!! I was getting pretty bored for a bit.