November 4, 2019

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Intentions for the Week – Week 45

Here’s what week 45 looked like last year.

Happy Monday, friends!

This weekend we had a dinner party at our friend’s house, Cooper spent the night at my Dad’s house, we worked around the house, installed a new garbage disposal and fixed quite a few things while my brother-in-law was visiting!  This week my father-in-law is coming to town to visit & help us with a gardening project. We are also in the middle of a deck restoration project so everything is a little chaotic around here.  It’s Sunday night and it’s time for me to spell out my Intentions for the week! HERE THEY ARE.


November 3, 2019

My Everyday Life Week 44

Here’s what this past week looked like – My Everyday Life Week 44

The Great Sort of 2019!

Cooper, wishing he didn’t open up his candy bag in front of teenagers.

This was his costume this year.  All him. This is what he wanted!

A panda for me, as per usual. It’s really just an excuse to wear clothes that feel like pjs.

This kid was an Amazon box.



November 1, 2019



  1. Another reason to love Paul Rudd.
  2. Couples who won at Halloween with their costumes.
  3. You can stay at Harry Potter’s house on Airbnb
  4. The importance of tending friendships.
  5. What happens to your clothes when you throw them away?
  6. Some amazing Halloween decorations to borrow for next year.
  7. Note to future self: put out an empty bowl of halloween candy.
  8. One way to keep dogs off your lawn…
  9. Such a cute haunted house!
  10. I love leopard: denim jacket / shoes / puffer jacket 
  11. 5 things we miss about the Scholastic Book Fair
  12. There are some amazing photos in this contest
  13. Whoa look at this embroidered quilt!
  14. More than half the children in the US have smartphones. Cooper isn’t one of them.
  15. Fasting is the latest craze in Silcon Valley
  16. I love looking inside vintage trailers.
  17. Oh and I also love vintage fruit crate labels too.
  18. Aaron Sorkin wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg
  19. How friendships change at the end of life.
  20. Instagram will now tell you if something is fake news.
  21. I would make this pumpkin gingersnap ice cream cake if I was you!
  22. Adding new things to my Etsy Shop soon! Stay tuned.

October 30, 2019

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Intentions for the Week- Week 44

Here’s what Week 44 looked like last year.

Hello Friends!

It’s been a week and it’s only Wednesday! I’m sorry for the delay in posting. We spent Saturday night to Tuesday night we no power & crappy cell reception at my house. Didn’t have charge on my laptop or wifi but I did have my imagination and positive thoughts to get me through some pretty dark times so YAY.  It kinda felt like camping— but at home.  My Intentions for the Week have shifted quite a bit with this interuption.  I’m trying to roll with it!

School was closed for two days so we spent time at home making art and prepping for the dark evenings.


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No power means IMAGINATION ACTIVATION. Here’s what we worked on yesterday…..a little tale about my kombucha obsession. (There’s a tutorial on my blog!)✨🖊

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I kept this in mind:


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It is! #apeptalkforwhenyouneedone

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And instead of typing up my list here on Sunday night like I do every week, I made a video of how I set up my moleskine calendar for the week.

I usually write in it while I’m typing up these Intentions for the Week lists.


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Living that analog life with no power here in California. #bujo

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I focused on what I could control during the power outage- MY OWN THOUGHTS.

So here I am, a few days late with a completely different TO DO list than I would have typed up a few days ago. I have a lot of clean up to do. We have a lot of food in our fridge that went bad so I am going to set out a big block of time to clean out our fridge/freezers and start FRESH. Here are my Intentions for the Week!

Intentions for the Week:

  • catch up on laundry (SO MUCH!)
  • clean up the house 
  • clean out freezer x 2  clean out fridge x 1
  • go grocery shopping 
  • have a date with my calendar
  • catch up on emails
  • package/ship orders from The Handwriting Club (thank you!)
  • start thinking about holiday card photos
  • make a list on how to entertain ourselves without power
  • doc appt
  • workout x 3
  • drink enough water
  • eat some salads (no power means no salads!)
  • track my steps with my fitbit
  • work on presentation 
  • send thank you notes
  • try not to freak out
  • fix garbage disposal
  • finish post about Equus Workshop
  • learn how to draw a horse
  • reflect on October in my Currently Workbook
  • take pictures of new products for The Handwriting Club
  • take pictures of the Currently Workbook for 2020
  • straighten up the yard/prep/leaf blow
  • remove everything from the decks for refinishing project
  • make some art
  • take deep breaths
  • protect my lungs
  • clean off paper piles in office
  • work on birthday package for E
  • research posters/prints
  • find a new phone case 
  • buy more spray paint
  • work on the cabinet project


Recipes to Try:

Turmeric Hot Toddy

(can be made without alcohol too!) 

Applesauce “Oatmeal”

Gluten Free Blueberry Waffles

Chocolate Chip Cookie Energy Bars

Pizza Rolls

Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream Cake

Pump Jam for the Week:

That song has been keeping me praying this week!

Mantra for the week!

I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


Feeling stuck? Make a list! Write down your intentions for the week to help hold you accountable to action.

I’m rooting for you!

Sending sparkles, 



October 27, 2019

My Everyday Life: Week 43

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 43

Finding meaning in the every day. That’s what I’m all about.

Thank you, water.

Estate Sale score.

Put in it’s place at my home.

My Mom, 5PM.

A moment of clean.


October 25, 2019



  1. I dunno. This doesn’t seem like a good idea. 
  2. If other animals had cat heads. Lol.
  3. All the BS health/wellness trends of this decade.
  4. How to clean up every type of coffee maker.
  5. This whole thing made my Mom cringe when she was alive. 
  6. Thank you for your wisdom, Warner Herzog.
  7. Why haunted houses terrify us.
  8. Art restoration BLOWS MY MIND.
  9. An ice cream flavor I would love to try!
  11. People are so clever with their Halloween costumes.
  12. These unusual plants are blowing my mind.
  13. Signs you’re old (like me!)
  14. Restaurants with the most beautiful views in the 1950s/60s
  15. What’s the deal with shallots??
  16. Cooper is going to be excited for this cereal.
  17. How to start a conversation.
  18. Barbie has my dream job!
  19. Dads with style. Check out these fashions.
  20. Weekend reading: Enough
  21. Pumpkin spice has taken over Trader Joe’s
  22. A perfect ice cream cake for this time of year.


October 21, 2019

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Happy Monday, friends!

We are on week 43 of 2019. Here’s what week 43 looked like last year.

I spent the weekend off the grid with my friend Emma at an Equus Horse Therapy workshop. It was life-changing and I cannot wait to tell you more about it soon as I go through my photos and notes.  It’s Sunday night and I’m exhausted, but here I am showing up for my Intentions for the Week! Thanks for holding me accountable to this practice throughout the years!