May 5, 2019

My Everyday Life: Week 18

Here’s what this past week looked like: My Everyday Life Week 18

Turns out the chocolate croissants from Trader Joe’s are great. Even though they are pain au chocolat.

This week I took some strawberry jam and made fruit roll-ups in my dehydrator.

Self portrait in an alley.

I’ve entered Fairfax.


Thinking of my bro in law.

I like this collection.

Shamanic breathwork class!

A card I pulled.  This tarot deck is pretty neat.

I have enjoyed all of my experiences at Heart Tribe.

Baby’s first detention!

He asked to go to the bathroom but went to the library to get books.

He’s totally my child.

My phone catches things I don’t always see.

Leftovers from meal prep.

We did some art this week!

I love when my desk is full of color.

I’m on a podcast!

Check me out on Room in the Trees with Sabrina Ward Harrison and Trent Reynolds. 

I accomplished my goal of eating more salads this week .

She has good karma in this life.

Mother – son pizza date.

I like watching him stare off into space. Mostly because I get to look at those green eyeballs.

If I had a dog it would be this kind of dog.

Crappy burritos are crappy!



Found in an old book of poems.

The sign in the thrift store I volunteer always makes me giggle.

Finger printing.

Sometimes you have to write down the truth and sit with it.

My favorites.

All in one bowl!

My bujo spread this week before I filled it all in.

Life seems unreal at times.

It feels so bittersweet to bring my Mom’s Green Salad to a party!


I also used her portable crate (which she LOVED SO MUCH)  to carry a cake in the back of my car.

Thanks, MOM!!!!!!!

Front yard during golden hour.

I love my friend’s mug collection.


Our friends are so generous with their pool!

My heart.

Thank you for your food journal orders!!!


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  • Katie

    I love your weekly photo round-ups. It’s a good reminder to all of us to take the time to really notice our surroundings. I am a school librarian and I gotta say, atta boy, Cooper! Although, seriously, wtf, if he had to be sneaky to get a chance to go to the library, maybe his teacher is the one who needs a detention??

  • Deb

    Always enjoy the weeklies that you do but this week spoke to me …

    Rock on to Cooper and the detention!! Its a great story forever now.

    Yes to the TJ’s choc fauxsointts. Totally agree.

    Where are the shiny orbs in the garden from and why have I never noticed them when you post pics!!!!????

    The thrift store sign is soooo good.

    Lastly, I printed out the I am Carrying too much sign to stick on my bulletin board as a great reminder.

  • Jamie

    I also am carrying too much right now, and just wrote that in my journal for contemplation. Thank you. xoxo

  • Sara

    I have recently pruned many things from my life, but your blog hasn’t been one. I always feel happier after stopping by here!
    As for Cooper, I say what a smartie!
    One of the biggest things your blog has taught me is how freeing it is to right things down…the truth feels better/lighter for me after I journal it.
    Thanks for always reminding me life is full and big and mysterious! And fun!

  • Caroline

    The portable crate got me

  • Amber

    Tracy! What’s in that pasta other than broccoli!? It looks so good.

  • Scarlett

    Hahaha, aww Cooper! Not the worst reason to get a detention! Love the “mischief” box on the detention slip. 🙂

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