My Everyday Life Week 23

Here’s what this past week looked like – My Everyday Life Week 23

We are doing a lot of reading/learning this week even though school ended.

When one teaches, two learn. We’ve learned so much in the past few months. Cooper also grew too!

Reading horoscopes. Making notes.

This week I tried Imperfect Produce. It was great!!

Here’s $10 off your first order if you want to try it too!

I immediately juiced the kale with some apples and finished the blueberries immediately.

It was nice having produce to work with this week!

A good thing to remember during these times.

Notes from the Smuggler’s Cove recipe book.

I guess I liked the Suffering Bastard. lol.

They do.

I grew this lettuce!

Had my Dad over with his girlfriend. We BBQed and ate dinner on my deck outside.

Simple desserts are my favorite.

Mostly because I put my energy into the meal.

We were the only ones awake. Cooper slept late for Cooper!

My Dad shared some wines.

Leftovers turned salad.

We’ve got a bloom!

Husband is really into ice/I’m into taking photos of ice.

Another yummy dinner.

I found a rainbow in a room that came from another room. It was so unexpected.


He matches.

I cleaned up my desk. It was a mess.

Making notes after a remote reiki session.

Writing it all down so I don’t forget.

We got Huggy a leash. He loved being outside!

We all laughed so hard.

Found a spot of light.

I grew this.

This bird has been outside our bedroom for the past few weeks, protecting its nest.


You should have see the laundry area before I cleaned it up this week….WHEW!

Dinner at my Dad’s. Tina made her tiramisu. She refers to it as “Tinamisu.”

I had a few really good avocados this week.

Making more notes.

Cooper gave me these three flowers while I was working.

He is so sweet.

Standing in line at Trader Joe’s.

The line took about 15 minutes for me to get in.

It’s so weird to wait in line, but I actually do enjoy how less crowded it is when you get inside to shop.

This was my first time going since the end of March so it felt so nice to get my staples back again.

Processing feelings with ink.

This week I went through my old food journals. I’ve worked on 5 so far.

I’ve learned so much about myself in the process.

I’m actually excited to start a new one this week.

Join me! Buy one here– I’ll send it to you with some goodies.

Eating a beyond burger. It was delicious.

This week, I made this arrangement on my deck.

A new light bulb can change your whole mood.

I haven’t used this calendar for months.

One of the good things about social distancing is that Cooper can have peanut butter sandwiches. Since there are a few people with peanut allergies for school. it’s never been an option for me. I’m glad to have in it our routine!

  • Kristin

    I love these posts, and this week I think I enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful moments in your life even more than usual. Thank you for the refreshment!

  • bonnie

    Hi Tracy! Love all the moments, but especially loved your stolen morning with Huggy this week. He is a hoot! Also loved Buddha with succulents in a shell in his lap. Beautiful. Best to you this week!

  • Amanda

    I feel like I’m winning any time I stumble on a good avocado! (and lately it’s been so rare it can be infuriating haha!)

  • Kaye Berman

    I love these posts…..your home, garden, the light and how you capture it, family, kitties….all so lovely. I look forward to these every Sunday! Have a good week Tracy!

  • Lynne

    Hi Tracy,

    We lived in the Bay Area for 16 years before moving overseas when our kids were 6 and 9. Both our boys were born in Fremont. Reading your blog helps manage all those ‘homesick’ feelings for the many beautiful places and people in this part of California.

    Thank you so much and stay well!


  • Amanda Martignetti

    Your reiki session sounds so interesting! I didn’t know it could be done over the phone!

  • michele

    Hi Tracy,

    I love your buddha…where did you buy it? I’m looking for one for my garden!

  • Joanne Amarisa

    I adore your handlettering! And your house looks so divine. There’s something really heartwarming about seeing these photos you take – like finding slivers of normalcy in a really un-normal time.

    Have a great week! x

    Jo |

  • Cassie Sue

    Imperfect Foods is my jam, they also have great customer service, a few times there were errors with my box, and they immediately fixed it or gave me a refund on the item. I’m glad you are enjoying it as well.

  • Stacy

    I ordered my Food Journal! can’t wait to get it! I wish Imperfect Foods delivered to Northern Maine … bummer.

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