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I love lists, Friday!


  1.  This star garland is adorable.
  2. It’s amazing what a little paint can do to a kitchen.
  3. I love a no-sew project.
  4. A good reminder that we never know how much time we have.
  5. Take it away, CATS.
  6. How top designers tell clients that their taste sucks. Haha oh boy.
  7. Decadent Hot Chocolate Mix. Totally making this.
  8. What a beautiful home!
  9. Oh Mariah….
  10. Most Instagrammed locations of 2014.
  11. So much satisfaction in here.
  12. Let’s read about internet addiction.
  13. This photo series is so sweet.
  14. Times were different. These photos prove that.
  15. Nature is pretty incredible.
  16. My Mind’s Eye. Fascinating!
  17. Movie scenes in real life situations. This pleases me greatly.
  18. I want to do this in my house!
  19. Marsala. Hmmmmm. Not my favorite.
  20. Give your brain an O.  This makes me all tingly.
  21. My dad always stressed the importance of #4

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Jennifer Lawrence is a Leo. That is all. :)
  2. Man Colds. They’re worse than any other cold. Seriously. WHY.
  3. My lattes could use a good stencil.
  4. These little tree cake toppers are cute. Also I’m obsessed with marzipan.
  5. Keep at it and don’t give up!
  6. I’m intrigued by these Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls.
  7. So that’s why Taye Diggs is following me on Twitter
  8. How to do your makeup in prison.
  9. The Introvert on the Podium
  10. Annoying things you’re probably guilty of. 
  11. The Serial Podcast may not have a perfect ending.
  12. This stamp is adorable.
  13. I love reading other people’s entertaining tips.
  14. A good idea for leftover stuffing & leftover mashed potatoes!
  15. How pretty is this drink?
  16. Number 8 is too real.
  17. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these cameras. Xmas present maybe?
  18. Analyzing the amount of jokes per minute in a sitcom. Fascinating!
  19. California is grateful for YOUTUBE? Wtf.
  20. A little photographic inspiration for your weekend.



Congrats, Jessica!  You won my Minted Giveaway!  I will be emailing you shortly!  And thank you to everyone who entered. I really enjoyed reading your holiday traditions. xo

I love lists, Friday!


  1. This is one of my pump songs and she really gets into it!
  2. After working in the advertising world for 5 years, I know all these terms TOO WELL.
  3. Old school emojis. I think my husband is secretly Nick Offerman.
  4. I’ve been massaging my face this week. It’s super relaxing.
  5. What a beautiful pumpkin pie tart – also dairy free!
  6. These doughnuts are EVERYTHING and OMG look at these doughnuts.
  7. Joy the Baker gives her PIE CRUST TIPS.
  8. Food hacks!! (this made me laugh)
  9. Famous women & their insecurities.
  10. Thanksgiving Budgeting. For this I am thankful.
  11. Congrats on your book, Billy! Can’t wait to see it! xo
  12. I’m gonna make some wrapping paper this Christmas.
  13. These pictures from Buffalo are CRAZY.
  14. This is the cutest Holiday Dress ever!
  15. Some Serial podcast charts to mull over & What It’s Like to Be Adnan. (listen to episode 9 first)
  16. I’ve had this banana oat snack cake opened up on my computer for over a week now…
  17. I want my backyard to look like this.
  18. Hello, dream house.
  19. Leftover Stuffing WAFFLES. I MEAN.
  20. We all should have a jar of magical thinking. I’m starting one for my family!


ALSO! I know that Thanksgiving is next week (AHHHHH!!) Let me suggest some things for you to make if you’re still in the brainstorm process. I haven’t even started making my lists of things to do so….. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.








I love lists, Friday!


  1. It’s important to make time for rest & solitude. 
  2. Things you can organize by color!
  3. I secretly wish I could live in this tiny apartment.
  4. Oscar Wilde was witty!
  5. Facts about Starbucks.
  6. My brain likes looking at this.
  7. This also pleases me greatly.
  8. I’m gonna hafta make this for the holidays.
  9. I love Louis CK.
  10. Any recipe that has the word DRUNKEN is alright with me.
  11. Did you know I’ve never made a Shepherd’s Pie? Time to change that.
  12. What stores should really be called…this is hilarious.
  13. The transformation is incredible.
  14. I love Heidi’s thoughts on Maintaining a Long Term Blog
  15. What a beautiful DIY project for a wedding!
  16. I’d love to make a necklace like this one.
  17. This backsplash situation is gorgeous.
  18. Our Mommy Problem. Oh this is it.
  19. I’ve seen a few of these movies.
  20. I’m totally an INFJ.


I love lists, Friday!


  1. Stickers in the wrong places. *snort*
  2. I’m always fascinated by the psychology of a supermarket.
  3. A Modern Guide to Thanksgiving Etiquette
  4. Trading tattoos.  I love how minimal they are.
  5. I am a sarcastic girl.
  6. More fridge spying for you.
  7. Now I want to do aerobics….
  8. The difference between all of those waters.
  9. 25 Famous Women on Getting Older
  10. Adding this blog to my reader.
  11. This is what it means to have a MAJ.  I’m so lucky to have mine.
  12. I love looking at wine labels. Here are some good ones!
  13. This bread…with HONEY. ZOMG.
  14. Understanding the Cult of My Little Pony.
  15. My favorite kind of drink and this one intrigues me!
  16. Currently obsessed with this book:  Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food
  17. Making this PUMPKIN PIE IN A MUG stat!
  18. Casey and I enjoyed this video.
  19. I can’t stop listening to this song. Cooper’s a fan too!
  20. Food Photography inspiration HERE.

my bites around the net

Tenacious Tinkering made my Orange Walnut Cake

Double the Appetite adapted my Caramel Apple Baked Doughnuts

The First Bite adapted my Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Butternut Squash

Bourbon & Brown Sugar adapted my Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream Cake (!!!!)


I love lists, Friday!


  1. How good do these doughnuts look??
  2. These were my favorite cookies from my childhood.
  3. I don’t think I’ve ever had breakfast in bed. Time to change that.
  4. If you want to take a mental break, watch this video.
  5. This music video made me dizzy…but like GOOD dizzy.
  6. I love that this week is TOTORO WEEK on iamfoodblog.
  7. Is it weird that I fell in love with a clothes folder? I’m really obsessed.
  10. This drink is so pretty.
  11. I’m also super intrigued by this one.
  12. Who doesn’t love snooping in other people’s fridges?
  13. What a cute idea for Halloween.
  14. Such a good photo series.
  15. Jen’s house on Design Mom!
  16. Sexy Halloween costumes…for MOMS!
  17. Staying with family during the holidays. OOF.
  18. I really love Kristen Bell & Amy Poehler
  20. 10 Ways to Get Better at Living
  21. A little organizing porn!



I love lists, Friday!


  1. Can we just talk for a moment about this Renee Zellweger plastic surgery thing?
  2. I am an artist.
  3. If you work from home, these tips will help. The first one is my challenge.
  4. Adding marmalade to a cocktail is genius.
  5. I’m really excited to check out Food Photography School this weekend!
  6. Number 6…totally.
  7. 10 Commandments for a Clutter Free Life.
  8. Also related— create a landing strip! I’m in the process of transforming mine.
  9. The camouflage gif was mesmerizing.
  10. This will make you love cauliflower.
  11. This was such a good speech.
  12. I got Peggy... go figure.
  13. Most overlooked threats to marriage- a good read!
  14. The things we learn from our children.
  15. Grey Gardens NOW.
  16. I have no idea how Brad Pitt keeps a straight face.
  18. I found this magazine at the bookstore recently and am in love!
  19. Pumpkin S’mores Dip….I can’t even.
  20. You had me at butter.
  21. Three Signs an Employee is Out the Door.  The teeth thing…
  22. Crushing hard on this blog.

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Three words: Samoa Pretzel Bites.
  2. I’m contemplating doing Whole 30. Maybe in January?  Have you done it? Tell ME.
  3. A little Ina love for my mom.
  4. I need to be alone.
  5. Secondhand embarrassment is so real.
  6. The biggest mistake you can make when hiring a designer.
  7. Oh goodness. What a perfect Autumn appetizer.
  8. Who you need to tip while traveling.
  9. Skin care tips! I’m in need of them.
  10. Target lovers, this one’s for you. This one is for those of you who are obsessed with In & Out.
  11. What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast
  12. A smash-bang of two of my favorite things.
  13. The fall sure does look pretty in Ohio.
  14. Amen.
  15. JTB got a makeover this week and it looks AWESOME.
  16. Drunk J. Crew. YAAAS.
  17. I wish I had seen this drink last week when I had a cough…
  18. If you need to take a mental break, get lost here.
  19. Use blogging as a catalyst to live your best life. YES.
  20. Exposure is not payment. 





I put my food styling to the test with Dine x Design’s YOU GOT SERVED. Thanks for featuring me, Kristin! xo

Thanks to for featuring my Breakfast Pizza.

Thanks, Williams-Sonoma for featuring my  Pumpkin Spice French Toast

And a quick note about the podcast. Joy is on book tour and her schedule is a little hectic. We hope to squeeze one in in the next few weeks. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience!  Meanwhile, go buy her book– Joy the Baker Homemade Decadence if you haven’t already. It’s life changing.




The Hippocratic Cupcake made my Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cake

The Casual Baker adapted my Tangerine Sherbet