December 13, 2019




  1. I can’t believe such a small % of us love cooking.
  2. Nature is amazing.
  3. I love love LOVE Steve Martin.
  4. Pictures of things rarely seen.
  5. Some of these signs are soo good.
  6. Meditation for artists- automatic drawing
  7. 5 ways to reduce food waste
  8. How the loss of a landline is changing family life
  9. Veganuary is hard to say.
  10. Wanted for NYE: Halo Crown!
  11. I dunno. My brain cannot compute coffee-flavored cola.
  12. A whole bunch of healthy Trader Joe’s items to inspire a healthy start
  13. These vintage photos are precious. 
  14. Should you get advice from a bot?
  15. Yum- Andes Mint Cookies / Pull-Apart Garlic Butter Bread 
  16. This cast would have been awesome when I broke my arm.
  17. Learning to make my mother’s holiday cookies again.
  18. Figures from classic paintings brought into contemporary life
  19. This workspace/garden in LA looks pretty cool.
  20. How to get airlines to accommodate your food allergy.
  21. Make a batch of Matcha Sesame Granola for breakfast next week.
  22. All of my Favorite Things from 2019!

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December 11, 2019

Matcha Sesame Granola

Granola therapy is needed this time of year. What is granola therapy?

It is the soothing act of:

mixing a bunch of ingredients

dumping said ingredients on a baking sheet

toasting them all til lightly browned

perfuming your house with sweet notes of oats & maple syrup

waiting for granola to cool

tasting bits of crispy coconut shreds laced with matcha

transferring granola to a jar

listening to every ingredient make its own symphony against glass

inhaling the bits that don’t make it into the jar

you repeat the process a whole bunch of times

and have a HUGE payoff for minimal work.  

That’s granola therapy. 

It’s forgiving. 

Just don’t burn it.

It’s been a while since I’ve been wowed by a granola recipe. This Matcha Sesame Granola recipe is FANTASTIC!  There’s a bit of matcha powder mixed in. You can taste it most in the toasted coconut. It adds a nice floral tea note to the mix. What I like most is the combination of things added. I’m a sucker for coconut in my granola and I LOOOOVE sesame seeds as well.  

Making granola as gifts is a thoughtful gesture for your friends who simply cannot eat another cookie. You’re giving your loved ones the gift of a healthy breakfast and during this time of year, that’s GOLDEN.

Happy granola therapy to you! Make sure you save a bit for yourself too. 


December 9, 2019

Intentions for the Week:

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:


Intentions for the Week: Week 50

 Happy Monday, friends!

This weekend was very peopley! I went into the city for a birthday dinner and a friend’s party- didn’t get home until after midnight! Sunday I went to see the Open Studios in Sausalito with a friend and it was so much fun. We got to see some sunshine this weekend and I am super happy about that. When you have rain for an extended period of time, it’s always nice to see some sun. I learned that in my 4 years of living in Oregon. We have a few weeks left of this month and we start a new year. I’ll be working in my food journal and my Currently Workbook for 2020. Join me! You know I’ll be sharing my Currently pages every month. It will be fun to do it together. I’m sitting down with my calendar and writing down my Intentions for the Week. Here they are!


December 8, 2019

My Everyday Life Week 49

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 49

Packaging up your pep talk packs! 

Assembly line on my desk.

I like imagining who I am sending packages to. I love writing all of your names.


December 6, 2019




  1. What a good Dad.
  2. Now I want a burrito.
  3. What a nice idea during this time of year!
  4. I love Tim’s gift guides.
  5. Sia is my hero.
  6. Pantone’s color of the year is a classic.
  7. Martha Stewart at home, 1976
  8. How to break up with your habits.
  9. Music is helping revive dying coral reefs.
  10. I never understood the whole viral milkshake thing anyways.
  11. Why Kodachrome was the Instagram of its time.
  12. All my favorites on Etsy. 
  13. Kinda neat to see behind the scenes CGI of the Irishman
  14. How 21st-century kids react to watching vintage Mr. Rogers
  15. Gonna try this the next time I make meatballs.
  16. Looking at old menus is my favorite.
  17. This little free library is so cute!
  18. Time to bust out my Instant Pot and make this mushroom wild rice recipe.
  19. If you haven’t created a masterpiece at 30, you’re not a failure.
  20. A woman asks people on Twitter what their best therapy advice was- responses are life-changing
  21. Setting up a daily personal inventory form might help your productivity/happiness. 

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December 4, 2019

Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide 2019


A new year, a new list of FAVORITE THINGS!  Every year I like to compile all of the things that made my life better/more enjoyable this year and share it with you!  If you’re looking for some direction or inspiration while shopping this year, check out my Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide 2019 edition!  We have a mix of home stuff, tools, beauty, magic & FUN!  Let’s get to it.


December 3, 2019

Currently November 2019

Currently November 2019

November was a heavy month! It marked the 2nd anniversary of my Mom’s death. It brought up a lot of feelings. I am glad I took time to process my feelings because I can see my growth from last November.   Perspective is a gift. 

See here:

The spread!

All the Good things that happend this month….

This was November!  Let’s get into it:


Inspired By:

Self-reflection. I am almost done with my Currently Workbook for 2019!

It’s been so nice to have something to return to each month to reflect on what happened. It definitely makes me a happier person to focus on all of the positive things that happen each month.  If you’re interested in getting a workbook for 2020, you can buy one here! 

I also felt inspired by my trip to North Carolina!  I met a whole bunch of new people and left feeling SUPER inspired by my work and the impact it makes on others. 

Home projects are inspiring me!  We are working on a deck resurfacing this month.

My father-in-law came to visit at the beginning of the month and he, Casey and my bro-in-law James made me two planters on our hill. I can’t wait to show you the finished result when it’s not raining!


I went on a lot of walks with friends this month (when the weather was right!) and I am inspired by where I live and grew up. 

It’s so beautiful here.


Mrs. Fletcher- Kathryn Hahn is one of my favorite actresses. We are up-to-date on this season which means we like it! It makes me wonder what life is like after you drop your son off college. I’m really happy to see more shows about female sexuality after 40! PRAISE BE.

Living with Yourself– I love Paul Rudd. This show reminds me a little of Maniac, but not super weird and edgey. It’s a brain bender. Can you imagine having a clone? Can you imagine having two Paul Rudds in this world?? What a dream!

Silicon Valley– kinda sad to see this show end. I liked seeing a funny/sometimes too true perspective of Silicon Valley. We used to live over there and it fascinates me how it’s represented on TV. 

Free Solo–  Whoa. You get tense watching it, but what an interesting story and what perserverance! 

Dawn Wall-  We watched this with my brother-in-law & Cooper. It was really good. I find it so fascinating to see how they pack up for their trips.   

James Bond- Casey and Cooper on a James Bond watching spree. I’ve been watching on the periphery while I’m working around the house. So far Cooper likes Sean Connery best. I like seeing the set design & clothing from back then!

The Kominksy Method– I’ve slowly been working my way through the second season. I love Alan Arkin. I love how this show makes me more empathetic to what my Dad is going through at his age/without my mom.


Human Energy Systems

Making Magic

The Stars Within You- A Modern Guide to Astrology

Motherless Daughters- The Legacy of Loss

Thriving as an Empath

Thinking About:

That it’s been two years since my Mom died. I am so glad I was able to afford to go to therapy. I have learned so much about myself and my family in the past two years. It was a traumatic event and I am grateful I have made it through the worst parts.  I feel like I am in a better place of honoring my Mom through my life/work instead of focusing on the fact that I’ll never be able to be around her again.  She brought magic to the season and I have to find it without her. Trying new things has been fun and I’m focusing on that! 

Also, I’m really excited to start 2020. So my brain is in new year mode more than holiday mode. 

Listening To:

Dorothy Ashby- I listen to her when I am straightening up my house & trying to get into the cleaning zone.

One of the songs that reminds me of my Mom…

One of my favorite Cyndi Lauper songs.

When I want to get out of funk, I play this.

This playlist speaks to my soul.

I have been using this song as a pump jam all month long.



Dream Life:

Ever since daylight savings, I’ve been waking up around 5am every morning. It doesn’t help that my cat, Rosie tries to snuggle with me during that time.

I’ve been dreaming about my Mom. I know she’s there but I can’t see her.  I feel like my dream life isn’t very exciting and I am not remembering much of it. I am sleeping well, so that’s good!


Made a cheese board for my friend’s dinner party.

Ricky & Wendy invited us over for steak.

I’ve been craving refried beans all month.

To balance out all the beans šŸ˜‰

Autumn Reset Button Salad

Again, on a breakfast sandwich kick. Husband is enjoying it.

Fried goodness in North Carolina!

Satsumas are my favorite. I am glad to see them in the markets.

Been living for doctored up ramen.
It’s a good way to use up the veggies we have in the fridge at the end of the week.

I made my family’s Sausage Bread!

Self Portrait for November 2019

I cut my hair off.

And I have one more self-portrait to collect for 2019!


That was November!  One more month and I’m finished with my workbook and ready to start a new one!  Grab your currently workbook for 2020 here.  

We can work on/through 2020 together šŸ™‚