October 7, 2019

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Happy Monday, friends!

We are now on week 41 of 2019.

Here’s what My Everyday Life Week 41 looked like last year.

This weekend we had baseball tournament.  It was nice to spend time away from home with friends!  Cooper had a chance to go swimming with his teammates and play football at our hotel.  I filled up 4 pages of my sketchbook with coloring club drawings on the bleachers. 


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Coloring on the bleachers with my friend Cosie. ✨🖊❤️

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We lost two games and won one.  I enjoyed spending time with my boys. 

Now the LAUNDRY PILE UP BEGINS as we start unpacking. We have another family trip coming up again so we’ll have to pack again!  Lots to do before then. It’s time for me to spend some time jotting down my Intentions for the Week.  


My Everyday LIfe: Week 40


Here’s what this past week looked like – My Everyday Life Week 40

Cooper turned 11 this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He’s lucky he gets to celebrate his birthday at school!  I make treats for him to bring.

I always use my grandma’s muffin tin when I’m making cupcakes and that makes me so happy.

I bet she would be stoked I still have it!

His favorite are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting.

I add  sprinkles to cover up my tired frosting skills.

He is worth the effort. His birthday is a grief trigger for me because I wish my Mom was around to see him grow up. She only got to be with him until 9.  I am thankful it was that long though. He knows her and remembers her and says things she used to say and I am so grateful for that. It still hurts. 


October 4, 2019



  1. Some of these family road trip hacks are genius.
  2. Favorite outfit: tunic / yoga pants / converse
  3. Group Halloween costume ideas.
  4. Instagram now lets you control bully comments
  5. Let’s get lost in photos from the early 1900s in France.
  6. My cats are my babies.
  7. Whoa, I thought these pastels were photos.
  8. These miniature worlds are incredible. 
  9. The world sure has changed since 1958
  10. No, I wouldn’t. 
  11. How to set yourself up for success while traveling with others.
  12. Yes on #3
  13. Good news for Ina lovers!
  14. What’s Fiona Apple up to these days?
  15. Disney park hacks if you’re doing the Disney thing.
  16. Weekend Reading: Creative Confidence / The Artist’s Way
  17. How to find the best parking spot every time.
  18. The best memes of 2019 (so far)  This makes me feel old.
  19. Frozen pizzas, ranked.
  20. My favorite Autumn Recipes if you need inspiration.
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October 2, 2019

Currently September 2019


Currently September 2019

September threw us back into our school routine! I was looking forward to it after the summer, but I always forget how many school events make September so jammed packed for us when we get back. Baseball started again too so we are staying busy around here. This month was filled with friends, art, back to school shopping and adventure. That’s my favorite kind of month!

It’s fun to go back into the past and see what was going on. Here’s Currently September 2018, 2017, and 2016!  This is my 4th year doing this journaling practice. I am grateful for the opportunity to look back and see the person I’ve become.


Inside my Currently Workbook!  My creative project for the year. 

Let’s reflect on the month.


September 30, 2019

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Intentions for the Week – Week 40

Happy Monday, friends!

We are now on week 40 of 2019. Here’s what week 40 looked like last year.  I was in Santa Fe last year! 

This week Cooper will be 11 years old on Wednesday! This is the first time he can’t reverse his numbers! (My Mom would have loved that).  This week we are celebrating. I’m making some treats for his class and Cooper gets to eat whatever he wants for his birthday! 

Last week I tackled ALL of my paper piles in my office and moved everything around! My studio space is ready to go. Shipping order and making new work for The Handwriting Club has required more space and I am glad I made it! We had baseball this weekend so I wasn’t able to meal prep. I also have to do grocery shopping!  I’m hoping to allocate a few hours to do some shopping/prepping this week so my fridge can look like this again:

Time to get down to business. Here are my Intentions for the Week!


September 29, 2019

My Everyday Life: Week 39

Here’s what this past week looked like  My Everyday Life Week 39

Checking out the Porch Fest in San Rafael with friends!

An amazing hot dog!

Only on weekends.

I do. I forget sometimes.

Meal prep in the fridge!

My rainbow maker shadow and writing on my window on the table.

Enjoying the sun.


September 27, 2019



  1. Instagram food hacks
  2. Classic beauties, 1940s
  3. All the ways Amazon is fixing Alexa.
  4. I had no idea that people read books on Instagram
  5. Ways to help save the environment every day 
  6. What a beautiful pantry makeover!!
  7. How to load a dishwasher.
  8. An interview with Wes Anderson & his process.
  9. Leopard: flats / jeans  / hat / clogs / tunic
  10. Avocados are getting a longer shelf-life now
  11. How the martini became a classic icon.
  12. A new netflix series for all you Paul Rudd lovers!
  13. The best signs from the climate strike.
  14. Children write letters to God.
  15. A brief history of the American Road Trip
  16. Lol: I want this for my cats
  17. This makes me want to pick up a ballpoint pen to play.
  18. Mattel announced gender-neutral dolls
  19. The most iconic pictures from Music History.
  20. I have something in common with Rob Lowe
  21. Netflix got the rights to Seinfeld!


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