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Creating an Antipasti Platter

Creating an Antipasti Platter // shutterbean

Every few months, Casey and I host a wine tasting at our house.  He’s in charge of the get-together (it’s his wine group afterall!) while I work on the food. Bertolli recently contacted me to see if I’d like to be apart of their Bertolli Gold Label Progressive Italian Dinner Party with a few other food bloggers. Over the next few weeks, you can follow along to see how we all hosted our own gatherings and then brought them together through a virtual Gold Label Dinner Party menu.  I thought it might be a good way to show you what goes into creating an antipasti platter for one of our wine parties- from selecting the wines to pairing food items.  As the first blogger course of the #BertolliGoldLabel Progressive Dinner Party,  I came up with an original recipe (hope you love polenta & mushrooms!) using one of their Bertolli Gold Label sauces and will post that soon.  

My On-the-Go Essentials:

MY ON-THE-GO ESSENTIALS // shutterbean

Casey and I went on a little trip this past weekend to Big Sur. It was magical and I’ll try to share more of that soon! Whenever I’m away from home I spend a good deal of time creating a little sense of home wherever we are staying. When I was transferring some of my stuff from one bag to another, I thought it might be fun to show you some of the things that I can’t travel without. I find it so fascinating to see what people’s essentials are.  Mine include:

Around the House: Guest Bedroom {AFTER}

Guest Bedroom Makeover with Valspar Paint // shutterbean


Wait for it… WAIT FOR IT.

Wait. We should look at the Before real quick.

Around the House: Guest Bedroom {BEFORE!}

The Guest Bedroom Before // shutterbean

I can’t believe we’ve lived in this house for over two years. Where does the time go?? We spent the first year moving things around, trying to make our old furniture work in this new space and moved the rest of my parent’s stuff into another room of our house.  If you don’t already know, we moved into the house I grew up in in 2012.  During the second year of living here, we slowly started painting a few rooms, just to test things out and see what things would look like on a much larger scale.  This home requires a lot of thought because there are so many different architectural elements to consider whereas our last home just needed paint! Although it’s frustrating for a visual person like me to live with a mishmash of furniture in rooms that are not even close to being done, it’s been good to REALLY think about how we want to live/utilize this space.

HS: The Organized Pantry

ORGANIZED PANTRY // shutterbean

I’ve organized my pantry before and part of me was like… Do people really need to see my pantry again? It’s a chore that I (sadly) do once a year and I keep it up for the most part and then I FREAK OUT and want to bomb it when it gets out of control. You may be in the same boat too.  Let’s discuss that!  Things that race through my mind: Why didn’t I keep it clean?  What part is the hardest to keep organized? What makes me drop the ball?  I have noticed that the trigger for me to clean it out is always finding that I have repeats of pantry staples….and it’s because I’m not organized enough to know that I already have a jar of salsa in my pantry. I COULDN’T FREAKING SEE IT behind the chaos. The good news, is that every time I clean out my pantry, I come up with a new organizing scheme. I find that it’s best regroup and change your organizing habits to make way for new/better ideas. Let me show you!

HS: Organized Makeup Drawer

Organized Makeup Drawer// shutterbean

I can always tell how chaotic my life is when I open up my makeup drawer.  Same goes for my purse… my car…and the inside of my fridge.  Oof. I was checking out my old High Straightenance on Homefries and couldn’t believe that it’s been almost 2 years since I cleaned out/reorganized my makeup drawer. YIKES. Time to remedy that!

Shutterbean + Chairish (GIVEAWAY!)


When we moved into the house I grew up in, it took me awhile to figure out how our design taste would be represented here. Since we have thick wood beams and tall ceilings on the main floor of our house, I thought we’d play with the “rustic” architecture and make things a bit more industrial & modern. If you’re not sure what Industrial Modern looks like, you can get a good sense from my Pinterest Board.

From what I’ve seen, the look requires a few large scale/bold/rustic statement pieces. Steel, old wood, and leather are key materials that best represent the design scheme. Industrial modern seems to work best in more loft-like/warehouse-like spaces because of the scale and proportion.  I’m a person who loves BOLD things, so I’ll be adding bits of black to add contrast to the white walls. I may even paint part of the wood ceiling black or white…who knows.

Chairish (an awesome website where you can buy & sell exceptional pre-owned vintage furniture online) asked me to put together a few mood-boards from their inventory so you can see what my home decor vision is in our new/old home. Here’s what I came up with:

Industrial Modern // shutterbean



HS: Meal Prep for the Upcoming Week

Meal Prep for the Upcoming Week // shutterbean

HELLO!  See that HS in the title? It stands for High Straightenance.  Some of you already know that I wrote a bi-monthly organizing column on Homefries called High Straightenance.  It’s like the term High Maintenance but for people who like straightening things up (me!!). Writing that column was a way for me to channel my inner organizer/crazy brain and now I’m bringing it to Shutterbean.

I posted a picture a few weeks ago on my Instagram (see below) of my meal prep for the week and had a lot of comments asking me to do a post about it. So, here we go. Here are some tips for you to get yourself organized for the upcoming week!