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If You're Going to San Francisco.....

If you're going to San Francisco let Tracy of Shutterbean be your tour guide!

There are sooooo many good places to eat in San Francisco. I feel so lucky to be so close to the action and to have grown up in such a great food mecca!  Taste Buds, brought to you by Ford, is a cool new show (with two adorable hosts!) on You Tube, and to celebrate the launch, I am working with Ford and Taste Buds to share my favorite spots in San Francisco. Finally! A post I can direct everyone to when they email me for my San Francisco recommendations!

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I loved watching the latest episode of Taste Buds with Erica from Honestly WTF.  Casey and I have been looking for some cool pieces for our house and I think we're going to check Stuff Vintage VERY soon! You can check it out here:

And onto....

My Favorite Places to Eat

 (in alphabetical order because my brain works that way)

SF Eating Guide // Shutterbean

A16- We LOVE this place because their pizza never disappoints. We always go there for family dinners with my parents. We're Italian so we usually crave Italian when we're hanging out.  The burrata is amazing-- like butter! I wrote a post about A16 many many moons ago. Be sure to check out SPQR too as it's a fabulous place to get brunch- and right near the Jonathan Adler store (my favorite!).

Bi-Rite Creamery-  EXCEPTIONAL  ice cream. The salted caramel & the honey lavender are my favorites. But! I don't love waiting in long sometimes we just go to Mitchell's instead. They still have a line but it's not as bad. Their ice cream is bonkers too so it's a win-win!

Out to Eat: Portland Dining

shutterbean + travel portland

Portland Dining Guide || shutterbean

Two of my closest friends from college live up in Oregon (we all met at the University of Oregon!) and before we had kids, we would plan 1-2 yearly trips where we would see each other.  Life has gotten in the way and we haven't been able to make our yearly visits. It had been something like 4 years since the three of us hung out. I was contacted by Travel Portland to do a post on dining in Portland because March is Portland Dining Month and I jumped at the chance.  We FINALLY got a chance to make a girls weekend happen and it was geared around food- which we all LOVE.  If you have two and half days (which is not enough!) in Portland, here are a few great places to check out:

Out & About: Harry & David

Out & About: Harry & David

When I was young, we always had an influx of gift baskets during the holidays seasons (my dad has always been in sales). I'd be lying if I said I didn't love EVERY second of it. How could I not??  Besides gift cards,  gift baskets are my favorite thing to receive.  The thought put into the combination of flavors...the themes...the basket itself and the additional accessories (cutting boards! plastic wine glasses! cheese knives! napkins!) ALL OF IT excites me. If I could tell my childhood self that I'd be touring the factory of Harry & David one day, I'm sure little Tracy would FREAK OUT. You mean, I get to see how the baskets are crafted and shipped? COOL!!

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

My love for plants started in college when I bought my first spider plant. I cannot tell you how many black & white images I took of that dang plant. I send my deepest apologies to my photography professors. I now get it. Not everyone is into pictures of plants like I am.  However, I managed to keep that spider plant alive for 5 years and made some new plants from cuttings. When I moved home to California, I moved into a new apartment with Casey where I proceeded to kill it. Caring for plants is a learning process. You have to pay attention, take notes  and act accordingly.  I've learned so much since then and I strive to learn even more!

I recently had a little Crazy Plant Lady date with my friends Jen & Leslie. We met for lunch and then headed Flora Grubb Gardens where I fell in love...felt paralyzed and vowed to come back AGAIN and AGAIN. If you're into plants and you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, this place IS IT. It is purely plant heaven.  The only thing I regret was delaying my first visit for this long.  If you haven't gone, GO.


Out & About: Chicago Edition


Chicago trip!!! It was GREAT. It was SHORT. I want to go back. I wish I could have spent more than a full day there, but when I think about it, I got to see a lot in such a little amount of time. I was going to post these in My Everyday Life series last week but then I realized that there's too many of them. So here we go! Out & About: Chicago Edition!

That time I saw Oprah...


Hello friends!

I just got back from a SUPER quick trip to Chicago and unfortunately don't have a recipe for you today. BUT! I have a good reason. I traveled with my friend Amy (who worked hard at getting tickets) to see the live taping of Oprah and Dr. Brené Brown's Lifeclass!!!!!!!! It was surreal/glorious/life-changing and ahhhh-mazing. I left feeling completely inspired and feel ready to do some serious life work. I also really want to go back to Chicago. That city is awesome and I wanted to eat at SOO many places but only had the chance to eat three meals there. Boo!


Anyways, I need to get settled back in our routine here, but I just wanted to say HELLO and let you know I'm thinking about you. I'll most likely be chatting with Joy about seeing Oprah on our podcast  and am working on a post about my experience & trip to Chicago, so STAY TUNED.

But for now.... OMG OPRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH. She was sitting in that empty chair right behind us. We were freaking out!



Out & About: Tomales Bay Oyster Company

Out & About: Tomales Bay Oyster Company // shutterbean

I think I might have mentioned that my husband Casey started a wine tasting group. Did I mention that? I think I was supposed to show you pictures of our first tasting party but I never did that. Must remedy that soon. Please forgive. Anyways! A few weeks ago we went to Tomales Bay Oyster Company for a white wine-themed get together/lunch with oysters & the like. As a person who doesn't care for white wine (I know! I KNOW. It doesn't matter what white wine I try, I still don't/won't like it), I chose to focus on the food for our little get-together; it's what I do best!  For those of you seeking fun/unique places to go in the Bay Area, I highly suggest checking out The Tomales Bay Oyster Company.

My Everyday Life: Week 25

Here's what this last week looked like. We were on a family vacation in Maui :)

Special dinner at Spago with my brother & Casey.

My Everyday Life // Week 24