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What I’m Reading:

It’s no secret that I love books. If I had my way, I’d live in a space like this. I know, I know. It’s not practical. I mean…we have earthquakes here in California (BTW, I’m currently knocking on wood). Every few months I go nutso on Amazon. Maybe it’s cuz I enjoy a package in the mail or maybe I love reading good books before bed. I just LOVE me some knowledge.

Knowledge is sexy/smart/productive/attractive/amazing.  I’m happiest when I’m learning.

It’s just what I do.

Here’s my latest book loot!!

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Dirty car window…and hair up in a ponytail!! I’m growing my hair out right now. I’m not sure why. My horoscope told me not to make any drastic changes to my hair in June. I’m not sure if I can survive.

Be Back REAL Soon!

You guys!!! I’m deeeeeeeeeep in cleaning/organizing/straightening up mode in our new place. I actually wrote about it for my High Straightenence post today. Go check it out!

To say things are hectic is an understatement! I’m super overwhelmed…and sore…OMG am I sore! This house has too many stairs. How did I not remember this from my childhood? So, we’re living in chaos right now with a 3.5 year old running around getting into EVERYTHING. It’s bonkers!  I’m totally booking myself a massage when this is over.

I want to share two things:

My Everyday Life: Week 20

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Watching flags blow in the wind while filling up my gas tank.

House Tour: The Guest Bedroom

Some of you may already know that we’re moving! When I started showing you parts of my house, I never imagined that we would be packing everything up. If things work as planned, Casey & I will be buying the house I grew up in from my parents in Marin County. We’re excited because there are so many great features to the house; I know it well. The light there is beautiful and I know Cooper will have a wonderful childhood there because I did.

So having said that, I’m going to show you the rest of our current house. I tried to take as many pictures of the rooms as possible before we took things down. I am sad because it took us almost 6 years to feel 100% at home here. We truly poured our hearts into this house and in the end it was all worth it. It was our first house! I’m really proud at how things turned out and I am excited for many new design challenges to come!

House Tour: The Sitting Room

Today I’m gonna show you one of my favorite parts of our house- The Sitting Room.

House Tour: The Living Room

home tour: living room

I’ve been itching for a decorating project lately so I used this past rainy weekend to decorate the mantle in our living room. I figured that while I was taking pictures of the new mantle decor, I’d give you a little tour of our living room (we hang out here just as much as we do in the kitchen).

My Top 20 Favorite Movie Soundtracks:

FACT: Most of my favorite songs come from movie soundtracks. I love how music can enhance a movie’s enjoyment and how after overdosing on a soundtrack, you can re-watch a movie and see things differently because you now know a song by heart. I think it’s also pretty interesting how you can find a song you wouldn’t normally like and enjoy it because it reminds you of a scene in a movie. Win-win!

Today I put a list of all of my favorite soundtracks (I just HAD to throw Dirty Dancing in there!) When I’m working, I like to put on a full soundtrack so I can be transported into movie land. I also listed some of my favorite tracks from each soundtrack. ENJOY!

  • Almost Famous Favorite Songs: Tiny Dancer, The Wind & Simple Man
  • Amelie From Montmartre Favorite Songs: Comptine D’Un Austre eTe & La Redecouverte
  • Boogie Nights Favorite Songs: Jungle Fever, Brand New Key & Livin’ Thing
  • Dirty Dancing Favorite Songs: Be My Baby, Hungry Eyes, Love is Strange, Stay & The Time of My Life
  • Drive Favorite Songs: Under Your Spell, A Real Hero & Tick of the Clock
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Favorite Songs: Mr. Blue Sky & Theme
  • Garden State Favorite Songs: New Slang, Fair & Such Great Heights
  • Juno Favorite Songs: All I Want Is You, Vampire, Sea of Love & Anyone Else But You
  • Little Miss Sunshine Favorite Songs:Til the End of Time, The Winner Is, Chicago & No One Gets Left Behind
  • Lost in Translation Favorite Songs: Too Young, On the Subway, Just Like Honey & Alone Kyoto
  • Magnolia Favorite Songs: One, Momentum, Nothing is Good Enough & Save Me
  • Pretty In Pink Favorite Songs: If You Leave, Pretty In Pink, Round Round, Bring on the Dancing Horses & Please Please Let me Get What I Want
  • Reality Bites Favorite Songs: My Sharona, Stay, Spin the Bottle, All I Want Is You & Locked Out.
  • Romy & Michele’s High school Reunion Favorite Songs: Our Lips Are Sealed, I Want Candy & Heave Is a Place on Earth
  • Rushmore Favorite Songs: Hardest Geometry Problem, Blinuet, Oh Yoko & Here Comes My Baby
  • Stealing Beauty Favorite Songs: 2 Wicky, Glory Box, My Baby Just Cares for Me & Superstition
  • The Life Aquatic Favorite Songs: Gut Feeling, The Way I Feel Inside & Ping Island Lighting Strike Rescue Op
  • The Royal Tenenbaums Favorite Songs: Need in the Hay, These Days, Stephanie Says & Christmas Time Is Here
  • The Squid & The Whale Favorite Songs: Courting Blues, Hey You, The Swimming Song & Street Hassle
  • The Virgin Suicides Favorite Songs: Magic Man, How Can you Mend a Broken Heart, Crazy On You & Come Sail Away

Runners up include: Good Will Hunting, Dazed & Confused, Run Lola Run & Trainspotting.

Now…you tell me what movie soundtracks you love! GO!